Resident Camps Resident Camp Built for Adventure

Avid4 Adventure Resident Overnight Camps are not your typical sleep-away camps. Alongside the campfires and silly songs, our campers experience the transformative and bonding power of adventure sports and exploration, igniting a lifelong passion for being active in the outdoors.

At our two Resident Camp locations, Mt. Evans and Windy Peak, 1st – 11th graders of all experience levels bike trails, paddle lakes, climb crags and set out on overnight backpacking trips. From total first-timers to seasoned experts, campers live in cabins at Mt. Evans (1st – 5th grade campers) or Windy Peak (6th – 11th graders), setting off on outdoor adventures from these beautiful sites. With the support of our experienced instructors, campers build confidence, practice good judgment and learn to intelligently assess risks as they take on new challenges.

We’ve uniquely split our age groups into two locations to allow each camp to focus its programming, lessons, experiences, and the camp environment itself to support the ages we serve. Our Mt. Evans location in Evergreen, CO serves 1st -5th graders and focuses on the basics of our core sports while teaching independence, confidence, and resilience. Our Windy Peak location in Bailey, CO serves grades 6th – 11th and is designed to give older campers the opportunity to push their comfort zones, build community, and practice leadership in the beauty of the Lost Creek Wilderness.


Top-Notch Staff

Our lead instructors are experienced, enthusiastic educators, boasting a range of certifications (CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Defensive Van Driving and Red Cross Small Craft Safety at minimum) and a passion for inspiring kids and teens to thrive outdoors.

Challenge by Choice

Our goal is to empower all campers—from first-timers to experienced athletes—to try something new. While we teach the skills they need to face each fresh challenge, our philosophy is they ultimately decide what to take on, building confidence with every boundary they push.

Inclusive Environment

We work hard to make our camp a welcoming place for all kids and teens, whoever they are or however they might feel different. Our nurturing, Love-and-Logic-trained staff is ready to support a range of differences with care, kindness and respect.

Find Your Adventure

Mt. Evans (1st-5th Grade)

With four-day, one-week and two-week sessions to choose from, 1st – 5th graders will find their perfect overnight camp experience at Mt. Evans.

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Windy Peak (6th-11th Grade)

Windy Peak hosts two-week sessions in a picturesque setting, offering 6th – 11th graders ample opportunities to adventure and lead.

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