AVID4 ADVENTURE We Introduce Kids and Teens to the Power of Outdoor Adventure

Here’s how we do it:

  • We hire the most committed, experienced instructors around. See our jobs page!
  • We use professional-caliber equipment, so campers learn how successful mountain biking, kayaking and climbing are supposed to feel
  • We transport campers to authentic local recreation areas they can keep coming back to explore
  • We teach campers solid skills—not just the basics of adventure sports, but how to use sound judgment and problem-solving in all aspects of their lives

The campers who attend our summer day camps, overnight camps, school programs and events come away filled with confidence, enriched with newfound skills and launched into a lifetime of empowering outdoor adventure.

The Story Of Avid4 Adventure

Avid4 Adventure was born out of my desire to give kids a love of outdoor activity and to ensure the future caretaking of our planet. With declining youth participation in sports, decreasing physical education budgets in schools and increasing screen time, I saw a need not just to get kids outside, but to set them on a trajectory of lifelong outdoor adventure and stewardship. Being active outdoors is not only good for kids physically. Outdoor experiences are powerful and empowering. They are punctuation points in our lives that shape our confidence and character. Our camps give kids both a place to start and plenty of room to grow outdoors as they build skills in a wide range adventure sports, including mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and paddling. From helping a 3-year-old achieve better balance on a strider to teaching a 12-year-old to navigate single track terrain, we build kids’ skills, confidence, grit and determination, teaching a new generation of adventurers to thrive in the outdoors.

David Secunda, Founder

Why Choose Our Programs

Our Team's Passion Runs Deep

Our Camps Grow with Your Kids

We're Experts at What We Do

We Help Kids Push Their Boundaries

Our instructors are insatiable outdoors experts who love adventuring almost as much as they love working with kids. Adored by campers and their parents alike, they’re all 18 and older with impeccable credentials and serious safety and skills training. They’re also talented teachers with the rare ability to connect with kids and encourage them to challenge themselves just the right amount.

Our programs evolve as your campers grow, from age 3 all the way to 17.  As kids grow, our programs grow with them, offering new experiences and fresh challenges from Pre-K all the way through their first summer job.

Our seasoned team of adventurers and educators is the best in the business. At the helm is David Secunda, former president of the Outdoor Industry Association and a 25-year vet of the outdoor education industry. On the ground, we run top-notch, highly acclaimed summer camps, accredited by the American Camp Association and named among Colorado Parent’s Top 5 Sports Camps.

We do everything in our power to keep kids safe, but we don’t pack them up in bubble wrap. Instead, we give them the knowledge and confidence to take calculated, well-communicated risks. Fortified with this sound judgment, they become more thoughtful, responsible risk takers and problem solvers—not just in the outdoors, but in all aspects of their lives.

What do you get when you combine deep dedication and passion for the outdoors with extensive experience in youth development, outdoor education and operations? The Avid4 Adventure leadership team.

Meet them here

The Core Values We Live By

Live Fun

We believe that being outdoors creates joy. We support kids and teens, their families and our peers to adventure exuberantly out in the world.

Live Environmentally Connected

We create environmental stewards. We walk our talk by minimizing the environmental impact of our programs, teaching Leave No Trace principles and environmental consciousness.

Live Truth

First we listen. We notice other people’s uniqueness, goodness and successes and speak of them. We express gratitude. We have meaningful conversations.

Live Smart(er)

We are committed to training and development. We track and advance campers’ skills and support our staff to develop technical outdoor and business expertise.

Live Gratitude

In times of success and through times of challenge, we remain grateful.  We say “Thank you!” for things both large & small. We try to value all areas of our lives and bring a sense of gratitude to all aspects of work and play.

Live Empowered

First we ask, “What would you do?” We are confidence builders. We trust others to make good decisions, give them opportunities to lead and encourage positive risk taking.

Live Balanced

We bridge the passion we have for work with the passion we have for the outdoors, community, family and ourselves, deliberately allocating meaningful time for each.

Live Community

We create connections. We work, play and volunteer together, inspiring growth through shared adventure.