Launching kids into a lifetime of empowering outdoor adventure.

Our Mission

These days, a lot of kids grow up surrounded by screens. They’re disconnected from the natural world, and from the joy of authentic adventure. At Avid4 Adventure summer camps in Colorado, California, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington, we introduce kids to the power of the outdoors. Our mission is to empower kids of all ages and skill levels to choose active, outdoor lifestyles.

Introducing Kids to the Power 
of the Outdoors

How we make bold adventures

Incredible Staff

Our instructors are educators and adventurers with impressive credentials—but what you’ll love most is how they connect with your kids, inspiring them to explore, grow and thrive outdoors. “The counselors are older and have so many skills, like safety and first aid training. The difference from other camps is significant.” – Amanda Prentiss, camper parent

Authentic Experiences

There’s no substitute for the real thing. We transport kids to nearby crags, trails and bodies of water to adventure in authentic settings and discover local recreation areas they (and you) can keep coming back to.

Positive Risks

Our camps teach kids to assess their environment and approach risks intelligently, building a foundation of confident, sound judgment they can use in the outdoors—and throughout their lives.


What Happens if I Fall?

“I knew my daughter was nervous about stand up paddleboarding on the river ‘cause she kept asking me questions the night before… ‘So where do I stand? What should I wear on my feet? Where will the staff be? What happens if I fall?’ It was amazing when she came home absolutely giddy from her experience. She said to me, ‘Dad, ya know how sometimes you can be nervous when you try new things?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ Then she said, ‘Well, I felt that today. I was really nervous. But then my instructors helped me, and I just went for it. I couldn’t believe it when I actually stood up on the river. It was amazing. I did it!’ It was a very powerful moment for a parent to hear that from his 7-year-old.”

A Place for Every Kid

“My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Before camp, a nurse from Avid called to discuss how their team could support my son and to assuage my worries. From the first day of camp, my son’s director and instructor conveyed professionalism, competence and strength. They looked after him without making him feel that he needed looking after. Nathaniel thrived at camp. Each day he came home, he stood a little taller.  He laughed over dinner describing kayak races and dusty mountain bikes. Driving home, I heard a more confident voice, one that had changed in this short week. ‘Mom, let’s go for a bike ride tonight. I can show you how to climb the steepest hills.'”

An Adventurer is Made

“QiuQiu has done rock climbing, kayaking, survival skills, stand up paddleboarding, and recently skateboarding camp.  We’ve been so impressed with the staff and instructors, their training, expertise, respect for the natural world and their kindness, each skill built from the ground up, every safety measure accounted for and learned by heart. With each sport my daughter masters comes a new level of confidence and a new level of joy. And for an adrenaline sport junkie like QiuQiu, learning the safety techniques and routines from day one is essential to our peace of mind! Avid4 has added so much to all of our lives.”