Mt. Evans, Colorado Cabins | Overnight | Grade 2-5

A Rocky Mountain Experience

Located on over 500 acres of private property outside of Evergreen, CO, Avid4 Adventure Overnight Camp at Mt. Evans sets a stunning location for our 2nd – 5th grade overnight camp programs. With climbing crags, mountain biking trails and a pond for paddlesports and more, Mt. Evans is an ideal spot for younger campers to build confidence as they immerse themselves in outdoor adventure. It’s also equipped with comfortable amenities that make it a cozy home away from home.

Learn more about the facilities and recreation areas at Mt. Evans campus below, and visit our FAQs for answers to your other questions.

Updated COVID-19 Policies

  1. Dining Hall
  2. Tipi
  3. Clinic
  4. Trail System
  5. Challenge Course
  6. Bunkhouses
  7. Central Showers
  8. Trading Post
  9. Adventure Barn
  10. Jackson Pond
  11. Archery & Slingshot Range
  12. Recreation Area
  13. On-Site Overnight Spots
  14. Climbing Sites
  1. Dining Hall

    Much more than just a place to eat, our dining hall is a place where the whole camp gathers to visit outside their cabin groups, sing songs, listen to announcements, and fuel up for the day’s adventures. We serve three healthy, hearty, family-style meals every day, plus have plenty of nutritious snacks for extra energy between mealtimes.  We can accommodate most allergies, dietary restrictions, and special diets including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and more. Our dining hall also features an expansive deck overlooking Mt. Evans itself so campers and staff can enjoy their meals with an amazing view!

  2. Tipi

    The Tipi at Mt. Evans stands as the center of camp and offers a historical bridge to those that called Mt. Evans home years before we began running summer camp here!  We use the Tipi to gather campers for fun events, reflective chats, and even overnights for a memorable experience for all. The Mt. Evans Tipi is an amazing teaching environment and becomes a meaningful space for everyone at camp.

  3. Clinic

    Our on-site clinic is staffed with professional nurses and equipped to handle most medical situations that arise at camp. Complete with private rooms and bathrooms, our clinic is open 24 hours a day to treat cuts, bruises, stomach aches, or just to provide a quiet place for campers to regroup. We also keep camper medications locked up in the clinic to be administered by nurses as directed.

  4. Trail System

    Mt. Evans is covered in miles of trails, ideal for hiking, biking, and outdoor education. Campers can investigate plant life and enjoy stunning views and rocky crags on the Forestry trail, explore the lush environment and history of the area along the Geosphere Trail or practice beginning bike skills or the Challenge Course along the Biosphere Trail, with many more trails to explore up to Mt. Judge, Aspen meadows, and countless features all over the Mt. Evans property.

  5. Challenge Course

    Our Challenge Course gives campers plenty of opportunities for fun and fulfilling team building. Our well-maintained and carefully safety-checked course builds strong bonds with their group. Throughout, they develop communication skills, patience, empathy and self-confidence.

  6. Bunkhouses

    Clean and comfortable, our bunkhouses are the perfect home-away-from-home for campers during their stay at Mt. Evans.  These six dorm-style dwellings are single gender, staff supervised and grouped by activity level. Each is outfitted with bunk beds, storage space, heating, fire alarms, emergency intercoms and indoor bathrooms and showers (One bunkhouse, Kataka, has bathrooms and showers within a short walk.).

  7. Central Showers

    Most bunkhouses at Mt. Evans have indoor bathrooms with private showers for our campers, but for those times around camp, there is a central bathhouse in the middle of the campus, which has separate facilities for boys and girls with plenty of sinks, toilets and private showers.

  8. Trading Post

    The Trading Post is the Resident Camp’s general store, stocked with healthy snacks, industry-standard outdoor gear and Avid4 Adventure merchandise, plus anything kids might have forgotten at home (cameras, toothbrushes, stationery, journals). Parents can purchase items at the Trading Post with their camper on the first and last day of camp. 

  9. Adventure Barn

    Located in a historic barn, this beautiful spot serves as basecamp for backpacking trips and outdoor education, offering a great space to learn about the outdoors and how to stay safe and minimize impact while exploring the world around us.

  10. Jackson Pond

    On site and easy to navigate, Jackson Pond is a perfect place to teach younger campers the basics of kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddleboarding–in addition to being the location of our ever-popular Polar Plunge!

  11. Archery & Slingshot Range

    Our archery and slingshot range is located on site, offering a safe, spacious place for target practice. Younger campers in 2nd – 3rd grades hone their hand-eye coordination with slingshots, while those in 4th – 5th grades hit the mark with bows and arrows.

  12. Recreation Area

    Designed as a low-key place to gather after full days of adventuring, our recreation area gets campers of all ages together for activities like volleyball, gaga pit, soccer, kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, 9 Square in the Air, slacklining, dance parties and more. It’s the perfect spot to spend some unstructured downtime.

  13. On-Site Overnight Spots

    Our 2nd-3rd grade campers will get to experience a one night, on-site overnight. Our 4th-5th grade campers will spend 3 days and 2 nights exploring our expansive backpacking trails spread throughout Mt. Evans property.

  14. Climbing Sites

    With multiple peaks on site overlooking Mt. Evans Valley, we have top-notch climbing spots for adventurers of every level including Chipmunk Mountain, Rowan’s Castle, Baklava Boulder, and Baskin Robbins!  These sites are ideal for getting campers comfortable on authentic, uncrowded crags.

Sample Schedule

Every camper’s schedule is a little different. However, to get an idea of a typical day, here’s our rough schedule:

6:30 AM
Morning Clubs (optional!)
7-7:30 AM
Rise & Shine & Flag Raising
7:30-8:15 AM
8:15-9 AM
Prepare for the day's adventures
9-12 PM
Adventure #1
12-12:45 PM
12:45-1:30 PM
Rest & Recharge (read, nap, etc.)
1:30-4:30 PM
Adventure #2
4:30 PM
Daily Debrief & Shower
5:45-6:45 PM
Flag Lowering & Dinner
6:45-7:45 PM
Free Choice
7:45 PM
Evening Activity (skits, games)
9 PM
Cabin Time & Bed Time (depends on age)


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