Mt. Evans Resident Camp Mt. Evans - 3rd to 4th - Resident

Entering 3rd-4th graders are ready to experience everything our resident overnight camps have to offer! Our  two-week session engages campers  in our core outdoor sports—rock climbing, mountain biking, paddling and hiking—alongside other exciting pursuits like archery, survival skills, horseback riding at Sundance School of riding, and multiple backcountry overnights around the Mt. Evans wilderness.

Whether campers are new to adventure sports or experienced outdoor athletes, our staff know how to help each camper deepen their technical abilities and build confidence outdoors. When they’re not adventuring, campers get to enjoy our amazing camp community with plenty of opportunities to  forge lasting friendships, explore the outdoors and have a lot of fun from morning till night.


Camp Length Two Weeks
Price $2,980
Total Camp Hours 290

Add-Ons Price
DEN Airport Camp Shuttle $40 one-way
$80 round-trip
Sleeping Bag and Pads To minimize Covid risks we are not renting sleeping bags.
Packing lists and gear purchase options will be available.

Camp Details


Entering 3rd-4th


Sunday Check-In:

3rd-5th: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm
1st-2nd: 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Friday Check-Out - All Grades:

12:30 pm - Gates Open
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm - Parents Arrive at Camp
1:00 pm - 1:15 pm - Large Group Closing Ceremony
1:20 pm - 1:40 pm - Small Group Closing Ceremony
1:45 pm - Campers & Parents Depart from Camp

Two Weeks of Adventure


Rock Climbing

Mountain Biking





Challenge Course

Campers will get to enjoy two different climbing adventures at different climbing sites at Mt. Evans, learning the ins and outs of climbing techniques and safety protocols from our experienced lead climbing instructors. They learn proper climbing techniques, how to set up equipment, tie knots, use climbing commands and belay each other as they take on climbs tailored to their ability level.

Accompanied by an experienced lead mountain bike instructor, campers take their bikes on the trails of Mt. Evans to learn single-track riding, biking techniques, maintenance, trail etiquette, and how to fall as they enjoy a full day of biking.

Campers practice their paddling skills at Jackson Pond for kayaking and stand up paddleboarding learning a variety of strokes and rescue techniques and taking on increasingly ambitious and fun skill challenges—like running across the boat bows of the group or trying a handstand on their paddleboards — as their skills and confidence grow.

Out on Mt. Evans’ many trails, campers focus on understanding and appreciating the world around them, investigating plant life on the nearby trails and learning local history. They also learn the Leave No Trace Principles through activities and how to apply the principles throughout their session and at home. Campers will also attempt to summit our local peak, Mt. Judge, with all the skills and support they’ve learned – a true highlight of the session

On their overnights throughout the Mt. Evans, our campers hike to some of our amazing Mt. Evans remote campsites!  They will learn skills to launch them into a lifetime of camping—reading maps, pitching tents, hanging bear bags, and cooking tasty meals—as they become comfortable, confident explorers.

Campers build strength and marksmanship skills on our on-site archery range with either our slingshots, long bows, or compound bows.  They’ll learn about archery equipment, safety and technique  while practicing on the range in the attempt to hit the bullseye!

Campers focus on teamwork all session long and they put it to the test at our Challenge Course with activities like traversing suspended cables with a partner, participating in trust falls and navigating a giant spider’s web. They’ll polish up their team’s communication skills and learn to work together to solve challenges. A favorite of our campers!

Meet Your Director

Garrett’s first camp experience was in 2014, when he went out on a whim to work at a summer camp outside of his home city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That decision led to falling in love with camp and a five-year progression from a group counselor to the Program Director for YMCA Camp Edwards.  After earning his B.A. in Secondary English Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, he felt compelled to reenter the outdoor education space, leading Garrett back to camp to serve a program for individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the heart of Texas, then to leading an experiential education backpacking program in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and ultimately to Avid4 Adventure to join the leadership at Mt. Evans in 2019.  While planning to return in 2020, the pandemic led him to pivot into the privilege to help lead at TGHTR, a youth homeless shelter program in Boulder County. Through all of these experiences and more, Garrett has been in awe at the resilience and empowerment that young folks discover in themselves while overcoming challenges in collaboration with others in the outdoors. These transformative lessons has led Garrett back to Avid4 where he is excited to lead and learn alongside our campers and continue this work at Mt. Evans. When Garrett isn’t working, you can find Garrett exploring with friends, hiking the backcountry with his dog Marvin, cheering for his beloved Packers, and engaging in life talks around a campfire.

"We wondered what magic the counselors were using on a kid who is usually reserved and unwilling to try something new unless he feels ready. We watched our son's confidence bloom in front of our eyes! That is exactly what we were hoping for from this experience. Mt. Evans is a magical place!"
Kate, Parent of 4th Grader
Mt. Evans


While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.