The Avid4 Adventure Guarantee

Your Camp Guarantee

Avid4 Adventure Guarantee

At every Avid4 Adventure camp, we promise to provide your child:

  1. An authentic outdoor adventure.
  2. Incredibly well-trained and professional staff.
  3. Increased confidence.

We also promise to deliver YOU (our parents) customer support that exceeds your expectations.

The Avid4 Adventure Guarantee holds us accountable for these promises.  If we do not meet these promises for you or your child during your camp program, then your next Avid4 Adventure camp is on us!

A few additional details:

  • You can redeem your guaranteed free camp this summer or next summer.
  • The guarantee needs to be claimed within 1 week of the last day of your child’s camp.
  • The guarantee is not valid if your child is asked to leave their program for behavioral reasons.
  • The guarantee is not valid if your child does not participate at all in the camp program or in the case of camp cancellation.

Questions?  Contact us here.