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June 16
Why is Overnight Summer Camp Important?

Overnight summer camp can help immerse kids in the outdoors in ways that might not be possible otherwise. Our Colorado Mountain Camp, Mt. Evans location Director, Eric Rightor, shares with Mile High Mama’s Amber Johnson just how and why overnight summer camp benefits all kids. Amber Johnson: Colorado kids can go out their backdoor and … Read More

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February 23
Inside the “Song of Summer” overnight camp ritual

Learn more about our “Song of Summer” at overnight camp, Colorado Mountain Camp. Not all sleepaway summer camps are created equal. Kids grow not just through what they do at camp, but what they take home from it. In addition to teaching kids exciting adventure sports in an unmatched environment, Avid4 Adventure’s overnight Colorado Mountain … Read More

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January 11
9 Ways to Help Your Camper Get The Most Out of Their Overnight Camp

Overnight summer camp can be both exciting – and scary! – for kids, so we came up with 9 ways to help your camper get the most out of their camp experience. Experiencing new activities with new people while in an unfamiliar setting can be both thrilling and a little scary, especially for kids who … Read More

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April 29
The Other Side of Overnight Camp: Colorado Mountain Camp Traditions

You probably already know that Colorado Mountain Camp (CMC) is an immersive overnight camp experience that introduces kids to a range of skill-building, confidence-bolstering outdoor adventures. But what you may not know about is the other side of CMC: the quintessential overnight camp traditions and unforgettable ceremonies that make up our camp culture—some passed down … Read More

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March 3
How the outdoors transformed my life and my leadership

By Sophie Kelly, an Avid4 Adventure former Leader In Training: Last summer I spent 15 days hiking outdoors in the hot desert of New Mexico along the Continental Divide Trail as a member of the Student Conservation Association. With seven other crew members, I carried wooden posts along with a host of unbelievably heavy tools … Read More

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December 18
Countdown to Colorado Mountain Camp

Summer camp planning already, you say? It’s winter, and you’re desperately trying to remember where you stored your child’s boots and snow pants from last year.  We’re guessing that thinking about summer camp isn’t a blip on your radar yet.  But, did you know that you get the best deals and choices when you start … Read More

November 6
Colorado Mountain Camp: Updates for 2016 from our Camp Director!

Anyone with kids knows that most have their favorites: favorite foods, favorite books or toys, favorite group of friends at school. For better or worse, kids are creatures of habit. And while that makes some things easier for us as parents, we also want to do our best to expose our kids to new, enriching … Read More

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October 30
Colorado Mountain Camp: A Mom’s Perspective

It’s a camp thing Whether you have no hesitations, need a bit of reassurance, or want more information about Avid4 Adventure’s Colorado Mountain Camp (CMC), we’ve got you covered.  We sat down with a veteran sleep-away camper’s mom to get her take on CMC and to see what she had to say about the experience. … Read More

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July 30
Camp from a camper’s perspective

What happens at camp, errr . . . Jack is a curious, adventure-seeking, can’t sit still kind of boy.  He loves to be outdoors, learn new things, and be challenged.  Know anyone like this??  On any given day, if you ask Jack whether he wants to learn a life skill (like how to grill burgers, … Read More

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March 10
Colorado Mountain Camp – Permitting for Summer 2015 Expeditions

Rocky Mountain National Park – There’s no place quite like it. Every year there is nervous excitement in the air as our many months of prepping and planning for summer RMNP expeditions can literally disappear in a heartbeat. March 1st marks the start of one of the busiest days of the year for Rocky Mountain National … Read More

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