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February 23
The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors: Healthy How-Tos for You and Your Kids

Have you ever spent a day outside only to come home feeling like a different person? A little energized, a bit more clearheaded, a lot more relaxed? Or watched your kids fall instantly, peacefully to  fall asleep after spending a good long time out in the fresh air and sunshine? Those benefits of spending time … Read More

Benefits of spending time outdoors Getting outside with kids Health Benefits of Outdoor Activity Healthy Kids Kids and outdoor activity Kids and the outdoors Outdoor activity
February 19
5 Tips to Help Limit Screen Time for Kids and Rediscover the Outdoors

We know our kids spend too much time looking at screens. And the negative effects of all that screen time for kids—from decreasing their ability to concentrate to increasing their risk of type 2 diabetes—are well documented. So how do we help our kids unplug and do something we know is great for them instead? … Read More

benefits of outdoor acitivites getting kids outside kids and nature Limiting screen time Screen time Screen time for kids
February 13
How To Pick the Right Summer Camp

When I start planning our summer, and checking out all of the activities, day camps, and trips to see family out-of-town, I start feeling overwhelmed. I wonder, how to pick the right summer camp for my kids? There are so many different camps to choose from, and I want to make sure I pick the … Read More

getting ready for camp How to summer camp Tips for picking a summer camp
January 19
Connecting Children of Diverse Backgrounds with the Outdoors

“It’s more than just this simplistic concept of seeing more color on the trails. It’s about getting people out and embracing the outdoors as a lifestyle, in a way that acknowledges any limitations they face in life. You have to talk about low-income experiences, the immigrant experience, what it means for people to invest in gear, to … Read More

Diverse Outdoors Diversity overnight camp summer camps
December 13
Holiday Gift Idea: The Gift of Summer Camp

Every year, my parents ask me what my kids want for Christmas. Of course there are plenty of toys, games and holiday gift ideas on their ever-growing wish lists that I could tell them to buy, but I always feel like they have way too many toys. I wished there was something more meaningful and … Read More

gift of summer camp Holiday Gift Guide Holiday Gifts summer camp
July 28
Adventure Grant Winner: 4 Important Things Learned Traveling in New Zealand

Each year, Avid4 Adventure awards an Adventure Grant to one returning staff member by providing an opportunity of a lifetime: one roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world plus an additional $500 stipend for their dream adventure! Last year our winner, Katie Riley, chose to travel to New Zealand to hike, bike, paddle and ride horses … Read More

Adventure Educator adventure grant Jobs with Avid4 Adventure staff summer camp
June 16
Why is Overnight Summer Camp Important?

Overnight summer camp can help immerse kids in the outdoors in ways that might not be possible otherwise. Our Colorado Mountain Camp, Mt. Evans location Director, Eric Rightor, shares with Mile High Mama’s Amber Johnson just how and why overnight summer camp benefits all kids. Amber Johnson: Colorado kids can go out their backdoor and … Read More

colorado mountain camp Kids Camp Outdoor Adventure Camp Overnight summer camp summer camp
April 18
Nurturing Nature: Why I Became an Avid4 Adventure Educator

Bringing the power of the outdoors to kids from ages three to seventeen is a mission Avid4 Adventure takes very seriously. Our seasoned Adventure Educators are charged with bringing our mission to life every day with unparalleled safety and skills training, and a devoted desire to challenge young campers. Two such devoted Avid4 Adventure Educators … Read More

Adventure Educator camp staff instructors Outdoor Education summer camp jobs teaching in the outdoors
April 12
Mentoring Young Women to Empower the Next Generation of Leaders

How mentoring can empower a new generation of women leaders. In our best efforts to guide youth to becoming meaningful leaders in their lives, we can employ many useful tools which bolster future opportunities. Empowerment, perseverance, confidence, and an entrepreneurial spirit are important notions for all kids to have in their back pockets, but equally … Read More

High School Girl's Camp Leadership Leadership Camp Mentoring Outdoor Education summer camp
March 8
Colorado Springs Outdoor Recreation For Family Adventures

Here are our local Colorado Springs outdoor recreation suggestions to get your family outdoors and excited about adventure camp this summer! Our mission is to inspire kids to lead active lifestyles, which means staying active even when camp is not in session.  We encourage a year-round engagement with the outdoors, so we’ve provided a list … Read More

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