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Colorado Mountain Camp: Updates for 2016 from our Camp Director!

November 6, 2015 | [email protected]

Anyone with kids knows that most have their favorites: favorite foods, favorite books or toys, favorite group of friends at school. For better or worse, kids are creatures of habit. And while that makes some things easier for us as parents, we also want to do our best to expose our kids to new, enriching experiences that push them out of their comfort zones (at least occasionally!).

Colorado Mountain Camp:  Updates for 2016 from our Camp Director!

We love hearing when a child attends sleep-away camp at Colorado Mountain Camp, that it has quickly become their “favorite camp ever”. After all, that’s what we’re striving for! As parents ourselves, we’re also striving to make sure each child’s experience is different year over year, since so many of our campers return year over year!

So how do we achieve this? How do we ensure we meet both parent and child expectations, while also holding to Avid4 Adventure’s essential values?

Core Programs that Change by Age

Our beloved Camp Director, Ian Roberts, is part of the stellar team responsible for each year’s curriculum. Great care is taken to make sure that the activities each age bracket engages in are both age-appropriate and challenging. Kids are given progressively more responsibility as they move through the different groups: from the youngest campers assisting with mealtime, to leading group expeditions and more involved service-projects for the oldest campers. Several age groups also embark on a solo-expedition – time alone in the woods to reflect and practice that newfound knowledge – that ranges from one day for 2nd – 4th graders, to 6 days for the Teen Leadership program attendees.




Sleep-Away Camp for First Graders

For the first time ever, we’ll offer a “mini” version of our sleep-away camp, especially designed for first graders, beginning in 2016. While we know that some six to seven-year-olds aren’t quite ready for the full camp experience just yet, we’ve developed a four-day, three-night program with them in mind. Campers receive just the right blend of hand-holding and confidence building, and practice their technical skills on age-appropriate equipment. Campers participate in kayaking, climbing, biking and more, with their size and skill-level in mind, all while getting the experience of bunk life camaraderie in the evenings.



Keep in Touch for More!

At Avid4 Adventure, we’re deep in the planning stages now, finalizing other exciting details that we’re not quite ready to share. We reevaluate our equipment, expedition locations, and activities each year, all with the goal of stretching your camper’s physical ability, as well as building their confidence and leadership skills. We’re also looking to add features like sling-shot ranges for our littlest campers, and new high-ropes course, to keep even our veteran campers on their toes.



 In the words of veteran camper, 14 year-old Maxwell, “I was most excited to come back, meet new people and make even more memories!”

Want to be informed of updates to CMC as they’re finalized? Sign-up now to receive our emails, which also include exclusive discount codes good towards camp registration! And for those creatures of habit: we make sure to keep plenty of camp favorites around too! S’mores anyone?

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