Explorer Camp Greenwood Village - K to 1st - Day Camp

Our Explorer Day Camp in Greenwood Village which has a comfortable camper to staff ratio of 5:1 is designed for these young pioneers, from the most cautious to the most fearless. It’s a place where K – 1st graders can get comfortable with a host of exciting outdoor adventures—hiking trails, paddling canoes and kayaks, maneuvering striders or pedal bikes—complemented by creative activities like yoga, art and music.

Under the nurturing guidance of our expert instructors, campers harness their hardwired curiosity as they strike out into the world of outdoor adventuring, figuring out what they love to do and building confidence in who they are


Camp Pricing Single 2-Fer 3-Peat 4-Pack
Number of Camps 1 2 3 4
Price Per Camp $469 $444 $436 $419
YOU SAVE! - $50 $100 $200

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* Why we charge what we do.

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* Multi-week discount applies to individual camper only.

Early Drop Off $25
After Care $75
Lunch Option $25


Grades Dates
Explorer Camp #GV060120-Exp k - 1st 06/01/20 - 06/05/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV060820-Exp k - 1st 06/08/20 - 06/12/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV061520-Exp k - 1st 06/15/20 - 06/19/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV062220-Exp k - 1st 06/22/20 - 06/26/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV070620-Exp k - 1st 07/06/20 - 07/10/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV071320-Exp k - 1st 07/13/20 - 07/17/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV072020-Exp k - 1st 07/20/20 - 07/24/20 Register Now
Explorer Camp #GV072720-Exp k - 1st 07/27/20 - 07/31/20 Register Now
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Kayaking and Canoeing



Yoga, Art & Music

Places We Go: Cheery Creek Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir

Explorers take to the water for carefully controlled flat-water instruction, getting familiar with their equipment and environment, practicing paddling techniques and water safety and gaining confidence stroke by stroke.

Places We Go: deKoevend Park

Whether they’ve never been on a bike before or have plenty of experience on two wheels, we get kids comfortable with biking technique, safety, and equipment. The first day is spent on site at our camp location and the second is out on the trail to put their skills to the test. Bring your own bike or use one from our fleet, which can accommodate kids of any size.

Places We Go: Cherry Creek State Park

Age appropriate and eye opening, our hikes teach campers about the flora and fauna around them and Leave-No-Trace principles as they start building awareness of their surroundings and respect for the natural world.

For half of the day, to balance out their daily adventures, kids also explore more introspective activities. They will be learning about breathing and balance in storytime yoga, practicing self-expression and artistic techniques in art and engaging their bodies and voices through music.

Sample Schedule

We've put together a pretty awesome day camp schedule for your kids! Here's a sample:

AM: Kayaking
PM: Yoga
AM: Art
PM: Biking (on site)
AM: Biking
PM: Yoga
AM: Music
PM: Canoeing
AM: Hiking
PM: Art


Kristen Wenzel

Growing up in Texas, I was encouraged to explore the outdoors, especially when I started attending overnight summer camp in elementary school. The summers were filled with outdoor adventures from hiking to canoeing through the Pine and Cypress trees. Into high school, I worked as a counselor and began to see the bigger picture of the benefits for summer camps of all kinds! Attending various camps throughout the summers contains some of my fondest memories growing up. It feels natural to be outside, embracing the elements and challenging yourself while having fun! Working in the outdoors has humbled me to appreciate the life we have on this planet and we can share these experiences through amazing adventures. As a part of the generation that was introduced to technology at a young age, I noticed my time in the outdoors diminished as the popularity of devices grew. As an adult, I was reintroduced to the outdoors through hiking and I aim to continue to bridge the gap between technology use and the outdoor life with kids today. Through the opportunity to work with kids we have the potential to be a positive influence in their process to help them to achieve their highest potential!

Why Sign Up For Multiple Weeks?

Do you remember that old TV show Blue’s Clues? It was the most successful kids’ show of all time. Do you remember that book that your child insisted on reading over and over again? How could you forget it? Why was Blues Clue’s so successful and why did your child NEED to re-read that book? Because repetition promotes learning, growth, and empowerment.

Based on our experience (and a bunch of brain science), we know that multiple weeks of Avid camp will benefit your child – it will result in greater skill development, increased self-confidence, higher levels of risk assessment/environmental awareness, and an improved ability to connect socially with others.


While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.