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Win free 2016 day camp

July 15, 2015 | Emily Moeschler

Who doesn’t want to be a winner?!

You know Avid4 Adventure’s mission is to empower kids to lead active, outdoor lifestyles.  Actually, we want to see entire families outside and having fun!  We love seeing kids exploring, discovering, gaining confidence and learning why being outdoors is so spectacular!  We know you believe this, too, which is one of the reasons you send your kiddos to Avid4 Adventure, right?

Well, did you also know that you can win a FREE 2016 week of day camp?  (Hmmm, maybe you did know and were hoping to keep that to yourself, so you have a better chance of winning!)

How to enter

Entering our photo contest is easy.  Seriously!

  1. Fill out the Win Free 2016 Day Camp entry form.  (You just need to provide your name, email, and story . . . well, and then upload a photo!)
  2. Upload your favorite camp photo – and because we know you probably have more than 1 favorite, go ahead and upload as many as you like – from Avid4Photos.  (The link and password to our password-protected page to view and download camp photos taken by our awesome staff was sent to you via email.)
  3. Enter.

Come on, could it be any easier to win a free 2016 week of day camp??  There are 2 more chances to become a randomly-selected winner this summer.  The next drawings are July 16 and August 20, so get your entry forms submitted!

Meet our June photo contest winner Brian June Winner Congratulations to our June winner, Brian, for winning a free 2016 week of day camp!  We’re so excited to share some of Brian’s Avid4 Adventure experiences from this summer!

What was Brian’s best camp memory?  Brian enjoyed his time kayaking on Boulder Creek. He says that it was awesome because he loved the speed and the bumpy ride. Brian also had a great time with his new friends, and each day, they traded rocks that they found at the Boulder Reservoir.

Every camper grows when they experience new activities.  So, we wondered how Brian grew from his Avid4 Adventure experience.

How did Brian grow from his experience at camp?  Over the last several years, Avid4 Adventure camps provided an environment where Brian could try new adventures and get beyond his comfort zone. This year, Brian had the confidence to help out the new campers in his group. For example, he volunteered to be one of the first to get into Boulder Creek with his kayak when the new campers were apprehensive. Brian also assisted the staff by helping with the equipment and really stepped up to be a leader.

Brian and his family know outdoor adventures aren’t just for kids.  It’s no secret we want entire families to get outside and enjoy nature, so we wondered what Brian and his family liked to do.

What outdoor adventures do you like to do as a family and why do you choose those?  We love to go camping in the summer and to go on backcountry hut trips in the winter. Both activities allow time for us to unplug and spend quality time together. We like the added challenge of getting to the huts in unpredictable weather. And Brian loves the s’mores!

We love to hear about families doing outdoor activities together!  Wonder if Brian and family have read our It’s time to disconnect to connect and Tips & tricks:  camping with kids posts?

Avid4 Adventure staff teach what they live and love.  So, we wondered if Brian had a dream outdoor adventure.

If Brian could have any outdoor adventure he wanted, what would it be and why?  Brian would love to go hiking near an active volcano in a tropical rain forest.

(Hmmm . . . wonder if Brian knows that Avid4 Adventure staff have their own opportunity to enter a contest to win a trip to their ideal adventure vacation?  Brian can read all about this year’s winner in an upcoming post.)

Way to make memories, Brian!  Congratulations again, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures in 2016!

Enter to win a FREE week at camp in 2016!  And, remember to continue the adventure with you and your family beyond camp!

About the Author: Lynne Marsala Basche spent most of her career on the island of Manhattan at two New York publishing companies.  A multi-year Avid4 Adventure mom and a new contributor to the Avid4 Adventure website, Lynne’s writing adventures also take her to championing volunteerism and regional recreation stories as a staff writer for the Castle Pines Connection newspaper, as well as supporting separate large corporate communications programs.  By trying to keep pace with her mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, lacrosse playing, unicycling, tae kwon do-loving 11-year old son, she, like most Avid4 parents, loves sharing the value of outdoor recreation and its positive influence on children’s health and confidence development.  Lynne lives in Castle Pines, Colorado and regularly immerses herself in outdoor activities with her family where she also runs her freelance writing company, Blue Spruce Creative

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