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March 8
Santa Cruz Outdoor Recreation For Family Adventures

Here are our local Santa Cruz outdoor recreation suggestions to get your family outdoors and excited about adventure camp this summer! Our mission is to inspire kids to lead active lifestyles, which means staying active even when camp season is not in session.  We encourage a year-round engagement with the outdoors, so we’ve provided a … Read More

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February 7
California: Goodbye computer screen, hello outdoor adventure

California families are putting down their screens and saying hello to outdoor adventure instead. In a state that’s home to the tech capital of the country, getting kids in California off their computers is an everyday struggle for many parents. Plenty of kids come home right after school and jump on their screens until dinner. … Read More

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January 19
How To: Fit a Bike for Kids

Learn all about fitting a bike for kids! Watch this short video for an easy understanding of how to fit a bike for kids. You will learn easy steps on how to adjust a bicycle seat to the proper height for your child. Learn more about our Mountain Biking Summer Camps: Grouped by grade level and … Read More

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January 11
9 Ways to Help Your Camper Get The Most Out of Their Overnight Camp

Overnight summer camp can be both exciting – and scary! – for kids, so we came up with 9 ways to help your camper get the most out of their camp experience. Experiencing new activities with new people while in an unfamiliar setting can be both thrilling and a little scary, especially for kids who … Read More

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