So much more than sports

Overnight Camp Culture

Campers at Mt. Evans and Windy Peak experience a whole range of outdoor adventures and all the new skills and confidence that come with them. But there’s another side to what makes every summer so special at Avid4 Adventure — the unique blend of fun, silly, meaningful camp traditions that make up our culture. See what you can expect from this unforgettable aspect of overnight camp right over here →

Inside Life at Camp

Morning Clubs & Evening Free Choice

Dining Hall Themes

All-Camp Activities


Leave No Trace

Our optional, yet wildly popular morning clubs let campers kick off their day bright and early with a 6:15 am activity of their choice, from peaceful yoga to a brisk polar plunge. Our evening free time offers campers an opportunity to continue their learning from something they loved during a day’s adventure or try their hand at another new skill or activity.

Dinners at Mt. Evans and Windy Peak are an experience unto themselves. Campers and staff alike participate in themed meals at most dinners. Popular themes include “All-Star,” “Retirement,” and “Caveman.” We’ll keep you guessing about those until we see you at camp!

Each day wraps up with an all-camp activity where everyone gathers for after-dinner fun. Campers will put on talent shows, compete in wacky games, or head out on a counselor hunt!

Campers grow and learn a ton during their summers at our overnight camps. We recognize their achievements in all kinds of ways, from special shout outs during dinner to our Pin Program, which awards mastering new skills that can be tracked with their Activity Passports, embodying our core values: live fun, live environmentally connected, live truth, live smart, live beyond expectation, live empowered, live balanced and live community. 

Avid4 Adventure Overnight Camps are the first youth organization to become officially accredited by the Leave No Trace Foundation. We incorporate Leave No Trace principles into everything we do so campers learn how to preserve and protect the environment. From cabin life, to the dining hall, to our outdoor adventures, all campers learn how to reduce their impact on the environment through the seven Leave No Trace principles.

Silly Customs & Rituals

It’s impossible to detail every tradition we hold near and dear—themed meals, cookie raids, raising the camp flag, sleeping under the stars, singing silly songs—but impossible to deny how meaningful and memorable they make every camper’s experience.