So much more than the sports

Overnight Camp Culture & Traditions

Campers at CMC experience a whole range of outdoor adventures and all the new skills and confidence that come with them. But there’s another side to what makes every summer here so special—the unique blend of fun, silly, meaningful camp traditions that make up our culture. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect from that unforgettable aspect of CMC.

Our Traditions

Morning & Evening Clubs

All-Camp Activities





Our wildly popular morning clubs let campers kick off their days bright and early with a 6:15am activity of their choice—anything from peaceful yoga to a brisk polar plunge—while our 8:30pm evening clubs offer twilight adventures like night hikes and stargazing.

Each day wraps up with an all-camp activity, where everyone gathers for after-dinner fun like putting on a talent show, competing in wacky games or heading out on a counselor hunt.

pin program, which awards mastering new skills and embodying our core values: live fun, live environmentally connected, live truth, live smart, live gratitude, live empowered, live balanced and live community.

Ceremonies both small and substantial are an essential part of every session. The most momentous is our closing ceremony, a mystery-shrouded event featuring campfires, storytelling and secret locations that campers look forward to all session long.

Silly Customs & Solemn Rituals

It’s impossible to detail every tradition we hold near and dear—themed meals, cookie raids, raising the camp flag, sleeping under the stars, singing silly songs—but impossible to deny how meaningful and memorable they make every CMC camper’s experience.