Instructor Housing Options

We know that finding affordable, short-term housing can be tough in certain areas. For those of you who are thinking about relocating but are not sure where to start, here are a list of resources to help. Click on the options below for more details. 

California-specific Resources

Instructor Homestays

As you know, short-term, affordable housing can be hard to find in the Bay area. Over the past few years, we have had camper families and staff with extra space available who have hosted staff from out of town (or country). Some host families have traded childcare on the weekends for a room and some have also rented out a room in their home for a reasonable fee. For more information on this option in California, click here


Rentashare is defining a new co-living experience in California where creators, and academics can come together to socialize, share ideas and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. Pricing is pretty reasonable (around $900/month)! If 3 or more Avid staff are living in one place, we can provide an Avid4 van to help you get to/from work.


Hotpads was created in Washington, DC, in 2005, by three apartment-seeking college friends. After too many misleading classified ads and nicotine-scented payphones, they knew they could do better. So they created HotPads, the first-ever map-based, renter-first, odor-free search platform. In 2011, Hotpads moved to San Francisco, and in 2012, HotPads joined the Zillow family. Today, HotPads continues to build game-changing features into its rental search website and apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle.

Sanborn County, CA Park

$18/night campsites, showers available! Great for those working at our Burlingame or Palo Alto camps.

Avid4 Staff Housing Contact list 

This document allows Avid4 staff populate their contact info if they are seeking housing or have housing to provide. The hope is that a few staff can find a place together!

General Resources

Avid4 Adventure Staff Facebook Groups

Once you are hired, you will be added to our staff Facebook group for the state in which you will work. This is an active group that will allow you to connect immediately with other staff and alumni staff to discuss housing options. Our community of staff love to be a resource for newcomers!


Craigslist is a great resource to find subletting opportunities, a room or entire apartment to rent short-term. 


Connects people with rooms for rent with people that need to rent rooms. 


This is a fun, creative website where you work/trade some in exchange for small jobs or tasks around the house.

Adventure Awaits

We bring adventure to both campers and staff alike. You might even say we’re Avid4 it. We hope that housing is not the reason holding you back from this meaningful and exciting opportunity. Check out our available positions for more details!

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