Looking for a way to fulfill your internship? We've got it!

Are you pursuing a degree that needs you to complete an internship? You are in luck! Many of our staff have used our instructor or leadership jobs to satisfy their internship requirements! And… you’ll also get paid! 

You’ll spend the summer working at an Avid4 day camp, resident camp, or expedition camp (we have locations across the country), gaining experience and professional development in leadership, decision-making, teaching, communication, and outdoor education. You will also inspire hundreds of kids to adventure outdoors—and doing plenty of hiking, biking, climbing and paddling yourself.

In short, it’s an absolutely incredible summer job and an easy way to conquer your internship requirement (regardless of your major). So what are you waiting for? Find more information about camp positions (including full job descriptions) or to apply, visit our Positions page.  If you have specific questions in the meantime, drop us a line at jobs@avid4.com