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Come for the adventures, stay for the outdoors with Avid4 Adventure and Vela Adventures!

February 12, 2015 | Emily Moeschler

Scaling a rock face?  Check.  Rafting through mild to wild water?  Check.  Conquering switchbacks?  Check.  You’ve already chosen Vela Adventures for your quests, and you know that growing, stepping out of comfort zones and trying new things in a safe environment is for everyone.  Kids shouldn’t have all the fun, right?

So, what are some of the best ways to get your child on the path to lifelong participation in the outdoors?

Grab the family and go hiking and biking

Children are naturally curious – in the best ways, of course!  Why not take advantage of their inquisitive little minds and can-do attitudes and explore local recreation spots – especially when Colorado’s climate practically begs us to be outdoors the majority of the year?

Hiking and biking are two fantastic activities to enjoy because kids of all ages and skill levels can participate – and they’re fun and engaging.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Imagine 12 miles of paved trails and 35 miles of multi-use trails for bikers and 15 trails hikers to enjoy minutes from Denver.  Cherry Creek State Park has easy, rolling terrain just waiting for your family to explore.  Leave your cares behind (but remember your bike helmet) and forget about how close to the city you are thanks to the natural prairie environment.

Just outside of Boulder in Eldorado Springs is the hidden gem of Eldorado Canyon State Park. Trails of varying difficulty are waiting for both hikers and bikers to discover.  Spend the day gazing at sandstone cliffs or wandering by the South Boulder Creek . . . bring a picnic and make some memories, too!

Before you set out on your adventure, do a little research to learn about the terrain, conditions, and facilities, so you have the best family outdoor experience possible and avoid any meltdowns (from kids and adults)!

Enroll kids in a summer camp with authentic outdoor experiences

There’s no shortage of camp choices, so how do you know what to look for when researching a camp?  If you ask your children what they want, you’ll probably hear something about awesome outdoor adventures.  You might want to know a little more though.

Avid4 Adventure, the premier provider of outdoor adventures for children and teens, has got both kids and parents covered.  With a mission to engage kids in active, healthy outdoor lifestyles, Avid4 Adventure day and overnight campers are introduced to the power of the outdoors in the most amazing ways!

Rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, survival skills, and outdoor education – this is not the summer camp you remember!  Campers enrolled in age-specific groups start by sampling each adventure sport and then diving deeper into individual sports as passions grow.  No day or experience is ever the same, and you won’t hear the dreaded, “I’m bored” comment!

Avid4 Adventure staff are over 21, have impressive certifications and teach not only what they love, but also what they live.  With an emphasis on safety, kids become mini risk managers by learning how to assess situations, use sound judgment and make good decisions.  Staff isn’t just educating kids about technical skills, oh no, Avid4 Adventure encourages kids to try activities, build skills and learn tools to be successful in life.  Breath soundly, knowing your kids are being taught by seasoned experts, using professional-caliber equipment every paddle, climb, peddle and step of the way.

Empower kids to participate in outdoor adventure

Kids thrive when they’re encouraged to try new things, increase their skill level, and stretch out of comfort zones.  Whether kids succeed or fail, they’ll learn something from each experience.  Just like us, kids gain confidence, learn to take healthy risks and become comfortable in the outdoors through experiences, and that’s a life-long endeavor.  Making outdoor activities so engaging that kids want to participate, now that should be our goal!

Let’s start exploring, learning and experiencing everything the outdoors has to offer by signing up for an adventure!  For Avid4 Adventure camp, visit to learn about our Early Bird Savings.  For Vela Adventures experiences, visit

About the Author: Lynne Marsala Basche spent most of her career on the island of Manhattan at two New York publishing companies.  A multi-year Avid4 Adventure mom and a new contributor to the Avid4 Adventure website, Lynne’s writing adventures also take her to championing volunteerism and regional recreation stories as a staff writer for the Castle Pines Connection newspaper, as well as supporting separate large corporate communications programs.  By trying to keep pace with her mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, lacrosse playing, unicycling, tae kwon do-loving 11-year old son, she, like most Avid4 parents, loves sharing the value of outdoor recreation and its positive influence on children’s health and confidence development.  Lynne lives in Castle Pines, Colorado and regularly immerses herself in outdoor activities with her family where she also runs her freelance writing company, Blue Spruce Creative

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