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4 springtime California outdoor activities for the entire family

March 26, 2015 | Emily Moeschler

Spring fever . . . it’s going around.  Catch it!

Are you starting to feel a bit restless?  Maybe there’s a sense of excitement bubbling up inside you, but you’re not sure why.  Do you catch yourself staring out your office window with daydreams and wandering thoughts overtaking your to-do lists?  How about having the urge to wear less, get out more, and be with people?  You don’t need a degree to know that you, my friend, have a case of spring fever.  Thankfully, it’s nothing that some sunshine and warmer weather pushing out winter won’t cure.

I don’t really care if spring fever is a legitimate condition, and neither should you.  When the sun lingers a bit more each day, you need to take your cheerier mood and increased energy, and head outdoors – and we have some great suggestions for you and your family!

Spring into action

  • Visit California’s oldest state park and experience sensory overload in the best possible way! With over 80 miles of trails, Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the South Bay area will surround you with scenic views, tranquil settings and magnificent waterfalls.  There are hikes for all levels and skills, so there’s no need to feel intimidated.  You may even see salamanders, snakes and geckos . . . Oh my!
  • Grab your bike and head to Crystal Springs Regional Trail in the Peninsula/Palo Alto area for views that may just take your breath away. The relatively flat terrain makes Crystal Springs a great place for biking with your kiddos.  Plus, pedal your way to see the 600-year old Laurel tree, which is the oldest and largest in California.  Between the stunning views, Douglas fir forests, and wetlands, you’re in for a treat!
  • Feel indecisive about what you want to do – maybe biking, kayaking, hiking, or, then again, geocaching or some other outdoor activity? Anthony Chabot Regional Park in the East Bay has you covered – no matter what your mood. With 3,314 acres, this park has more than 70 miles of hiking and riding trails – not to mention the gorgeous shores of Lake Chabot.  Surround yourself in grassy valleys, willow-lined creek paths and eucalyptus forests, and forget you’re mere miles from the city.
  • Spend the day at Marin’s gorgeous Point Reyes National Seashore – although, we’re going to guess you’ll want to stay longer. With over 150 miles of hiking trails, beaches, biking, kayaking and wildlife viewing and more than 33,000 acres, you’ll be mesmerized by the breathtaking California coastline.  Whether you want to see elephant seals, explore the lighthouse, watch for whales, listen for sea lions or just inhale the ocean air, bring a picnic and marvel at this awesome place.

exped1 I don’t know that you can fight spring fever, and, honestly, even if you could, I’m betting your kids won’t let you.  “Yes,” kids feel it too, and, if you don’t believe me, just ask their teachers!  Lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack, strap on your bike helmet, and get out and explore everything California has to offer this spring.  After all, it’s good for the soul!

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  About the Author: Lynne Marsala Basche spent most of her career on the island of Manhattan at two New York publishing companies.  A multi-year Avid4 Adventure mom and a new contributor to the Avid4 Adventure website, Lynne’s writing adventures also take her to championing volunteerism and regional recreation stories as a staff writer for the Castle Pines Connection newspaper, as well as supporting separate large corporate communications programs.  By trying to keep pace with her mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, lacrosse playing, unicycling, tae kwon do-loving 11-year old son, she, like most Avid4 parents, loves sharing the value of outdoor recreation and its positive influence on children’s health and confidence development.  Lynne lives in Castle Pines, Colorado and regularly immerses herself in outdoor activities with her family where she also runs her freelance writing company, Blue Spruce Creative

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