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Overnight Camp - Mt. Evans (1st - 6th) Overnight Camp - Windy Peak (7th - 10th) Learn to Bike (pre-K - 1st) Explorer (K - 1st) Skills & Adventure (2nd - 7th) Kayaking Mountain Biking (2nd - 7th) Rock Climbing (2nd - 7th) Skateboarding (2nd - 7th) Survival Skills (2nd - 7th) Valmont Bike Park Skills (2nd - 7th)




Overnight Camp - Mt. Evans (1st - 6th)

“We have three sons, all with varying levels of confidence. None of them had ever been to a sleep away camp.  The first step in sending them to camp for 2 weeks was for us to have confidence that they could do it. Once we got through that, the decision was easy! We were most worried about our 10 year old son doing something so epic by himself and at a separate campus than his brothers. There were a few tears the night before drop off, and several conversations well before, and leading up to camp starting; building up camp and all that he had to look forward to. On drop-off day, he completely surprised us. Not one tear was shed, not one sad, pitiful look was given! Imagine our relief! He even made a friend before we left that day. His counselors made everything so fun and such an adventure that he didn’t have time to feel sad. The kids in his group were wonderful, caring, and vivacious! Each night, as we looked through the pictures, searching for signs of distress, what we saw surprised us again; majority smiles, a few uncertain faces when trying new skills, but mostly smiles! We wondered what magic the counselors were using on a kid who is usually reserved and unwilling to try something new unless he feels ready. We watched our son’s confidence bloom in front of our eyes! That is exactly what we were hoping for from this experience. Colorado Mountain Camp is a magical place!”

“This was Zach’s first time away from us for overnight, other than with family. He has never even slept over a friends house. It was huge for him to be at camp for the week and to experience homesickness while learning to manage all of these mixed emotions. If this alone had been the fears Zach had conquered that would have been enough. However, on the car ride home today we asked Zach what he learned about himself this week at camp. He paused for a moment and then blew us away with his self reflection (for a 7 year old). Zach said that he learned that even when he was nervous he should try new things because he might like it. Wow, what a life lesson! Thank you for helping Zach build self awareness and confidence.”

“Our daughter had a wonderful time at Avid4 Adventure camp. This was her first summer camp, and she was nervous about going. However, this went away quickly once she arrived, and she found other kids in a similar position. All were nervous – but the Avid4 counselors were able to alleviate this by having games. Our daughter soon was ready to say goodbye to us and proceeded to have a week of fun. She had a great time meeting new friends, trying new activities, and eating some good food. We do not live in the United States, so all this was important to us. She described the food as being ‘yummy”‘ and the overall camp as being wonderful. One of her first comments to us, when camp finished, was that she wanted to attend next year for 3 weeks! She was nervous about rock climbing, but it turns out that this was her favorite part of the camp. She even did it twice. Photos were available on a regular basis so we could check on her. These were most appreciated Thank you for putting together a good program.”

“There has never been a year that my daughter has felt nervous or hesitant to go to Avid4 Adventure camp. Every year, it’s her favorite camp and every year I trust the camp staff to take good care of her. My trust in the camp continues. This year, I must say, was the hardest for me to send her to camp. This was the first time that she was without me for an entire two weeks. I didn’t know if she could handle that much distance as she just recently turned 9 years old. She was slightly worried. Seeing the pictures, I just wanted to know if she was happy, and was worried that she would miss her family too much. At pickup, I felt such relief to find that she did fine. She made friends when it is often difficult for her to talk to others. She said she missed us, but she was so active and enjoying all of the fun that she didn’t have much time to miss us too much. She said that she was the youngest in her group, but she felt welcome by all. I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Avid staff, as there is no camp out there that I trust to take my daughter for two weeks. The happiness and adventurous spirit she returns with reminds me that she is not only okay, but better than when I brought her to camp.”

“All three of my kids had a great time at Avid. My oldest did the backpacking expedition camp and really grew from the adventure. I believe it boosted her confidence in knowing how to work in a team under tough conditions (rain, trekking, carrying heavy packs) and appreciate nature. The instructors did a great job at creating a fun environment and I am so proud of her for completing this adventure. Thank you.”

“This was Dawson’s second year at Colorado Mountain Camp and he has grown so much with each visit. For example, he wasn’t able to zipline by himself his first year at CMC because he was so afraid of heights. But this year, he overcame his fear of heights and went by himself! We’re extremely proud of him and so appreciative of the wonderful staff that helps him grow every step of the way.”

“My son has always had a little trouble making friends and being comfortable around groups of kids. He was very nervous about camp and wondered if he would have fun or be the kid that felt left out all the time (again). Well, off we went to Mt Evans. He clung a little extra that day but when he met Elly and Sean, saw his bunk, and saw some of his group he relaxed a little. Not much…. but there was a definite thaw. When it was time for me to go, he put on a brace face and waved me off with a ‘Bye already!’ I followed his adventures every night in the posted pictures. His facial expressions were a little ‘salty’ in those first couple of days…. and then I watched it happen. After the day of biking, the smile on his face started to migrate to his eyes. By the end of week 1, he was smiling so wide! Camp, at least for my son, was a place where he found his own footing. The mountain biking started his confidence journey and I think by his expedition days he had really come into his own.”


Overnight Camp - Windy Peak (7th - 10th)

“We found Avid4 online and thought it looked like a good opportunity. It turned out to be the best experience of his life. Aidan was excited in the months leading up to camp and visibly nervous when I dropped him off. Following the adventure through photos, I could tell he was in his element and a little worried that he would not want to come home! When we picked him up at the airport at the end of the two weeks, he was happier than I had ever seen him; happy to see his family and excited to share stories of the best two weeks of his life. He told stories of his expedition which sounded grueling to me but were awesome memories for him. He shared his excitement for all the activities he experienced and the friends he made. With photos from his time at Windy Peak hanging in his room, he is already planning for return next summer.”

“This was the first sleep away camp and backpacking experience for my daughter. She did not know anyone at camp and we were a little anxious at drop off. The counselors were incredibly welcoming and reassuring. Over the two weeks she not only learned the challenging outdoor skills but also, and more importantly, the soft skills of leadership, collaboration and communication. She made incredible bonds with her counselor and made new friends. She loved thrill and adventure of the backpack; especially being in new situations and learning new skills. The camp pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped develop her self confidence. She came home ready to take the family on our own backpacking adventure- game on! Thank you Avid4 Adventure.”

“At Windy Peak, I learned confidence through mountain biking. At first I was hesitant to ride a mountain bike because of how low the handlebars were; I had never ridden a bike like that before. But after getting on and starting slowly, I learned that I could do it and I ended up in the front of the group. At first I did not enjoy the expedition because of the uphill climbing which I did not think I could do and was worried about it. But after a day I felt more confident that I could do the hike and enjoy it with everyone.”

“My son values bravery and is willing to take uncomfortable risks without thinking first. He frequently is trying to prove himself and how brave he is. We worry about his safety. When he returned from camp, he told me he learned that he was a hard worker. He was proud of himself and gained confidence. I could tell even in the way he carried himself. The day after camp we went on a family vacation to Croatia and one day we sat on rocks and were going to dive into the sea. My son told me he was not comfortable diving into the sea and he proceeded cautiously and gave himself the time he needed to build up the courage to go in the water. When he did, he had a fantastic time. Before camp, he wouldn’t have listened to himself but would have just dove in without listening to his fear and been uncomfortable. I was so proud of him for respecting himself enough to be cautious. Thanks Avid4.”

“Our son has now been a avid Avid camper for three summers. Each year he comes home a little more mature. His growth this year seemed most notable. He returned home a bit more centered, sensitive to others, and sure of himself. He hasn’t even pushed back against returning to his weekly chores!”


Learn to Bike (pre-K - 1st)

“Over the summer, Rory went from not really being able to ride a bike well to wanting to ride his bike to school this coming year. That was all Avid! He started the summer with the learn to bike session, and really used those skills in his two weeks of multi adventure camp. Thank you so much, I am thrilled that he will ride his bike with me!”

“Our daughter attended the Learn to Bike camp this week. She was both excited and nervous when we took off her training wheels the night before camp started. On the very first day, she learned to balance and coast downhill. On the second day, she was able to push off and start pedaling. By the third day, she was riding! When I picked her up from camp on Wednesday, she was elated! She had a bandaid on her knee, her hair windblown, her brow furrowed in deep concentration… I could not get her off her bike! Walking to the car she started singing “I am a rockstar!”. I couldn’t have asked for a better camp experience. Claire’s confidence soared and she has developed a love for bike riding that she will have for life!”

“Dear Avid4 Adventure, My son just finished your bike camp. Today was his last day and I walked to the school to pick him up. On our way back (about 20 mins walking) he actually biked the whole time! He was a great glider on a balance bike so the most difficult thing that we found was transitioning from gliding to pedaling. Well, your coaches did it! He is so proud of himself! A huge thank you!”

“We are from Texas and traveled almost 1000 miles to Boulder to send all three of our kids to camp. Our kids (ages 3 (almost 4), 6 and 7) were excited even though none of them could ride a bike without training wheels and they had never before been to an adventure camp! So, imagine our surprise when the kids got home from camp on day TWO and ALL THREE of my kids were able to ride a bike up and down the sidewalk – NO TRAINING WHEELS! WHAT?! It had only been a day and a half for our son and just one day for our girls!! This environment, these instructors, and a little bit of positive peer pressure was a recipe for success.  Personally, on another note, my husband was even inspired to be more active outside! While the kids camped, my husband and I were able to do our own activities that included hiking and stand-up paddle boarding! so fun! Thank you, Avid4 Adventure for sparking a love of outdoor fun in all of us.”






Explorer (K - 1st)

“My son is a very shy, timid child. Entering camp this week he was a little uncertain and skeptical. By the time Friday came around he was very outgoing and excited about every single adventure he went on.  As a family each evening we go around and share what our favorite part of the day was and each evening my son said CAMP very enthusiastically. The weekend following camp he asked us if we could go kayak and canoeing– something totally out of the ordinary for him. Overall- a great week for my child in building his confidence and meeting wonderful instructors and friends.”

“Our 6 yr old is already very confident as a ‘sports girl’- but sometimes lacks emotional
confidence and doesn’t want to ‘try’ when us as parents are with her. Through Avid4, she
challenged herself, with the support of staff and peers to “not give up” and learn to bike without training wheels. As a mother, I had tried teaching her several times, but our efforts were met with frustration and crying tantrums. Just one day with Avid, she felt confident and was able to pedal without training wheels!!! Success!! Thank you so much!”

“The day before he started the Explorer camp, my six year old son defiantly declared, “no one will get me to ride a bike with two wheels!” I was nervous on biking day. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he walked over to his bike, got on, and rode to the car. I started shrieking with excitement! His fear had been replaced with confidence. This is worth gold.”

“Charlie was so excited about this camp but expressed anxieties about doing any of the water activities like canoeing and kayaking. I was so impressed to hear that his instructors were able to get him even in the water. He expressed his worries to them and got a little upset but was never pushed into doing anything he wasn’t comfortable doing. In the end he shared that he got to try ‘the piano’ on the kayaks and jumped in the water. On our way to and from camp he always pointed out the kayaks and canoes and said, ‘Those are my camps!’ I was glad to hear less fear in his voice related to these fun water activities.”

“Our daughter has always been cautious and anxious about trying new things, going to new places, and being somewhere where she doesn’t know anyone.  She attended a week of Explorer camp with only one of her friends … by the end of the week, it was like she was a totally different person! She was more confident, talked with excitement and curiosity about things she’d never tried before, and even said how determined she was to learn to ride a two-wheeler (something she avoided at all costs in the past!). What’s more, without prompting, she asked to attend camp for another week! So we signed her up again, and this time, she joined a brand new group with new instructors and loved every minute of it. We feel that camp has helped her grow in so many ways, and know it will translate into other aspects of her life.”

“My little guy Garrett had the BIGGEST smile on his face every day I picked him up from camp! He would help with the preparation for packing up his gear for his daily activity. We had been practicing riding a bicycle the summer before camp and knew he would get it eventually but this camp and it’s staff had the knowledge and encouragement to push him through to rifding on his own!! He could not wait for the next bicycle day at camp!! I loved how the counselors taught him how to be responsible for his own gear and paved a bigger path for independence. The way they approached learning an activity and then an opportunity to develop that skill in a real outdoor setting like a trail in Colorado was such a confidence booster and so fun to hear about the day! The ratio of counselors to kids was impressive especially for the younger kids. A lot of hands on teaching and exploration throughout the week. The pride he felt riding a bike himself made him glow and push himself for the other awesome sports he experienced. Our family will always remember his amazing growth during his time spent with Avid4. Thank you for making our summer one to cherish.”

“I have been absolutely blown away by Riley’s experience over the last 4 weeks at the Wash Park Camp. I can’t believe she is getting into a kayak alone at age 5 — and now even asking for her own kayak! This camp exceeded all my expectations, and I’m so glad it was recommended to us and that she went for multiple weeks. Thank you to everyone who led the program.”

“Our family had just moved into Denver from out of state so it was with some ambivalence that our daughter Alexandra started her first week of Avid. The weekend before when we told her that she would be getting her quintessential first Colorado outdoor experience with Avid, she was skeptical and told us she was not an ‘outdoorsy person.’ At the end of the first day, she came home with excitement and inspiration. At the end of the week, she was brimming with pride over the accomplishment of having ridden on two wheels for the first time and having embarked on new ‘outdoorsy’ challenges like kayaking and canoeing she didn’t think she would enjoy. We couldn’t be happier with Alex’s Avid experience!”

Skills & Adventure (2nd - 7th)

“My son was excited and terrified all at once to begin a new week of Adventure Camp! Every staff member we came into contact with exuded a fun and excited-to-be-here attitude; it was contagious! By the end of the week, Declan was telling stories of all his new friends and adventures, and bragging about the wonderful new skills he had acquired. He was really worried about riding his bike, and while he did not master two-wheels during camp, he was definitely more confident in himself, and the knowledge that he would eventually conquer the bike! He came home and started his own “bike camp” for his older sister, who was still struggling on her own bike. After one weekend, she was confidently cruising the streets on her bike, which she contributes to her brother’s support and tips that he shared with her 🙂 The bunny hop lives on!”

“My son, Dillon, really doesn’t like water sports. He’s never been into boating or any sport that puts him on or in water. After 5 days of camp (hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing and rock climbing) my son told me his favorite sport was kayaking. Imagine my surprise when he picked kayaking at his favorite. He said he liked that he was the only one in the kayak and felt secure. We have an inflatable kayak that we were planning on selling because we’ve never used it. Now he wants to keep it.”

“Josiah had an amazing week at camp. He was a little nervous going into the first day because he hadn’t done some of the sports before. He had an amazing first day and by mid week he said he wanted to be more active and do more outdoor activities. His counselors really helped boost his confidence by telling him everyday what a great job he did every day, they were very encouraging and were there to help in any situation. To top off the week, Josiah ended up winning the Gratitude award and got to sign the Gratitude Rock. After having a tough year at school, that was a huge win for him! We will be recommending this camp to all of our friends! What an amazing experience! “




“Admittedly, my girls were really nervous. One clammed up – silent; the other wouldn’t stop talking. Both from nerves of trying kayaking and not knowing anyone else there. Immediately the instructors welcomed them very openly and warmly, and made them feel safe and as if this was where they belonged.  The girls almost melted away from us as if to say ‘We’re good, you can go!’ That’s a great feeling. The end of that first day set the stage for every day to follow. Every day the smiles and the stories were bigger and the confidence seemingly doubled with each new adventure. I cannot say enough good things about Avid4 Adventure. Wonderful all around.” 

Matthew has attended Avid4 Adventure the past several years and the first time he tried kayaking, I was so impressed by the instructors! I was nervous about Matthew kayaking because it’s something I have never done. I never told Matthew my concerns, but I did let the instructors know. They immediately made me feel at ease about the whole thing. They made sure to tell me that safety was their first concern, and also that they have fun. I felt so much better. When I picked Matthew up, he was so excited about the whole day! He absolutely loved kayaking and his instructors. He said the instructors were so much fun! I thought it was such an amazing experience for Matthew because he was able to attend a camp with his friend, and he felt confident enough to help his friend and the other camp members throughout the week.” 

“On a recent trip to Lake Tahoe, my daughter wasn’t allowed to kayak because the rental agency told her she was too small and didn’t have enough body fat to survive if she fell in the water. So, she was a little wary of the kayaking day at Avid4 Adventure. When I picked her up though, she told me that she had learned how to kayak. And, she said, ‘I’m actually pretty good at it!'”

Mountain Biking (2nd - 7th)

“My three daughters have finally learned to bike this year at Avid Adventures! We have tried periodically since they were 2 years old but they have not wanted to learn from their parents and were easily frustrated. We learned basic biking skills in two weeks of Avid Adventure camp and then moved up to the Mountain Biking Skills for 2-4 graders where they finally mastered biking skills. My girls gained a strong sense of confidence and pride in their new abilities, as well as had their best week of camp all summer. Biking is such a basic sport but it has plagued us for years. Now we can enjoy the sport as a family for years to come!”

“My husband and I love mountain biking and we really wanted our son to share our passion for the sport. When we told Joseph he would be attending a mountain bike skills camp, he was very hesitant for a lot of reasons… he would not know any of the kids at camp, he was very uncomfortable riding his bike, and the only sport he really liked to play is baseball. The idea of riding a bike all day at camp did not appeal to him one bit. On the very first day when we picked Joseph up from camp, his smile was from ear to ear. He asked us if he could stay and play for a little longer with the other campers. That night at dinner, he did not stop talking about all the new things he learned and how much he liked being on his bike. He couldn’t wait to go the next morning! In fact, on day 2, he was already up before we were and dressed and ready to go! After one week, I have seen a huge improvement in his bike skills. He is much more confident and he loves to show us all of the things he learned in camp.” 

“My daughter has always been somewhat hyperactive and Avid has let her redirect all of that energy into challenging herself to go beyond her comfort level. She told me she loved her instructors because they didn’t have to boss her around in order to teach her the necessary mountain biking skills. She has been the most content at pick-up than I have ever seen her be. Overall simply satisfied with her day. All I want for her. To feel like each day is complete and fulfilling without being the typical consumer, but instead a participant of life. She has also gained confidence as she is now anxious to teach me all that she has learned this week. I couldn’t be happier with Avid! Thank you!!”


Rock Climbing (2nd - 7th)

“Marley is a very outgoing 8 year old! He is very adventurous and physical in his activity choices. That said he was very nervous about his climbing camp! He was afraid to climb to high and was worried they would make him! I explained that they probably start out little and then you get bigger. But the first day that was not the case (haha), Marley saw what he was climbing and only made it half way first time. But with the support and coaching from the councilors he grew to on the last day repelling himself down this huge rock!! Truly amazing!”

“My son is a somewhat introverted child. There were a few challenges this week that he was a bit nervous about trying, especially rock climbing. He has never wanted to try rock climbing before, not even in the ‘safe’ indoors gyms. With the encouragement of his instructors and his group, he conquered that fear and actually enjoyed rock climbing day. Camp pictures truly show that he was enjoying himself out there while conquering this barrier. Just for that, Avid4 Adventure was already worth it.”

Skateboarding (2nd - 7th)

“Dylan loves doing lots of outdoor things and this summer was no exception! He wanted to learn how to skateboard so we signed him up for your intro to skateboarding. First time he stepped on a skateboard was the day before camp. He couldn’t keep his feet on the board let alone ride it! He was both nervous and excited to learn something new. With the patience and skills the camp instructor on Tuesday had him going around corners and actually staying on the board.  By the last day he was at the skate park flying down the inside of the ramps over and over again until he did it right. He had me take him back each day to the skate park to practice what he learned every day after camp. His teacher told him he was proud of how fast he caught on and we could tell he truly meant it.”

“Michael was totally new to skateboarding and I knew he was scared. But it turned out to be just as great. From the beginning, the counselors met him where he was and reassured him. When it became obvious at the start that his skills were not where the other skaters were, he became a little upset. His counselor (Willie) couldn’t have handled it better. He said… ‘Come on dude, let’s go skate around the outside for a while just the 2 of us…’ and Michael’s confidence came back. He progressed in his skating and more importantly became more and more confident as the week went on. As a parent, what impressed me the most about Avid was an acceptance of all kids, differences & similarities. It’s too common for kids to be left out because their skills are not at the same level or they aren’t as athletic as another kid… but this is so different. Thank you for creating this environment.   Of all the sports and camp experiences Michael has had in his life, Avid was by far the best.”

Survival Skills (2nd - 7th)

“Our son, Michael, participated in Survival Skills camp and loved camp so much that we extended our time in Boulder for a 2nd week so he could attend Skateboarding camp. In Survival Skills camp not only did he gain outdoor skills and knowledge but he also learned an appreciation for the outdoors. Through the stories the counselors told and the experiences they shared, he could see how much joy the outdoors brings to their lives. That is something that will stay with him forever.”   

Valmont Bike Park Skills (2nd - 7th)

“A week before my daughter attended the Avid girls shredder bike camp, she took a spill at the bike park and hurt her knee and lip. She was a little nervous to have a whole week at bike camp because she thought that she might fall a lot and get hurt again. No fear! Her Avid instructor was amazing at building her confidence back up right on the first day. They learned and practiced how to fall and worked really hard balancing while standing up and other preventative measures so that she was less likely to fall. In addition to concrete new skills and competence riding her bike, my daughter is so much more confident on her two wheel bike. She has wanted to ride her bike every day after camp – this after a whole day of riding during the day. She wants to show us what she’s learned and is so excited to go back each day. There isn’t another camp that compares to this experience that she gets at Avid. Skill building with this motivation to work hard so that her confidence soars. Amazing!” 

We signed our 6 year old daughter Eva up for Girls Shred Bike Camp months before summer even started. We felt that Eva lacked the cycling confidence we knew she had hiding in her somewhere. We loved the idea that she would just be with other girls, and we hoped this would help entice her to do it. It had got to a point where it would be a struggle to get her to go out on even family bike rides, so we need to do something. When we told her about her upcoming bike camp she was so nervous that she was even on the verge of tears the night before it started. But, after day one we noticed an extreme change in Eva! Her bike skills went through the roof, and she had such a positive change in attitude; it was such an amazing thing as her mom and dad to experience. As the week went on all she talked about was bike camp, and she would get upset when it was bedtime because all she wanted to do was keep riding all night. Seeing this amazing all-around transformation in Eva as parents exceeded all of our expectations on this week of camp, and we all couldn’t be happier! We’ll be back next summer….she already wants to work on improving her bike skills so she can keep advancing in the Avid Bike Camp levels. Thank you Avid!