Good-Bye Screens, Hello Outdoors

As the city that tops the list for most sunglasses purchased per capita, we know that Seattle is no stranger to outdoor adventure. However, getting your kids outdoors is another story. Finding the time, having the right equipment and encouraging your kids to try something new isn’t that easy. That’s where we come in. At Avid4 Adventure, we get your kids off the couch and into the great outdoors. Using time-tested curriculum, our experienced outdoor educators empower your kids to bike, hike climb and paddle in local Bellevue recreation areas they—and you—can return to for life. Kids leave with a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and the confidence and technical skills they need to choose an active, outdoor lifestyle. Once camp is over, your kids will be begging you to get back outside—and they’ll probably want to teach you all of the new skills they’ve learned, too.


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Adventure Camp #SEA062220 Seattle 06/22/20 - 06/26/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA070620 Seattle 07/06/20 - 07/10/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA071320 Seattle 07/13/20 - 07/17/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA072020 Seattle 07/20/20 - 07/24/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA072720 Seattle 07/27/20 - 07/31/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA080320 Seattle 08/03/20 - 08/07/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Adventure Camp #SEA081020 Seattle 08/10/20 - 08/14/20 2nd - 7th Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA062220-Exp Seattle 06/22/20 - 06/26/20 k - 1st Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA070620-Exp Seattle 07/06/20 - 07/10/20 k - 1st Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA071320-Exp Seattle 07/13/20 - 07/17/20 k - 1st Almost Full Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA072020-Exp Seattle 07/20/20 - 07/24/20 k - 1st Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA072720-Exp Seattle 07/27/20 - 07/31/20 k - 1st Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA080320-Exp Seattle 08/03/20 - 08/07/20 k - 1st Open Register Now
Explorer Camp #SEA081020-Exp Seattle 08/10/20 - 08/14/20 k - 1st Open Register Now

Explorer Camp - Seattle

Grades: K - 1st

Kids start exploring local Seattle area recreation spots while building confidence in different adventure sports daily--biking, kayaking, hiking, and stand up paddleboarding.


Adventure Camp - Seattle

Grades: 2nd - 7th

2nd - 7th graders travel to local recreation spots in the Seattle area to develop skills in mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and stand up paddleboarding.



"One of the most incredible things about kids is their hardwired willingness to try new things. But as they approach their teens, that enviable disposition starts to diminish, worn away by feelings of self-consciousness or self-doubt. Avid4 Adventure awakens that innate try-new-things mentality, creating an environment that makes it comfortable and fun for kids of all ages—even tweens—to try something new."
Highlands Ranch, CO
"The photos on our website of kids engaging in incredible adventures might cause families to think Avid4 Adventure is only for super-athletic kids. The truth is, many of the kids that attend our camps every year start out very tentative about participating in those adventures. That was certainly the case for Madison, who, before camp, was too intimidated even to join the kids in her neighborhood on their bikes."
Golden, CO
"Last summer, Meredith Smith signed her 5-year-old son Graham up for Avid4 Adventure's multi-sport Explorer Camp in Highlands Ranch on a recommendation from a friend. She kept expectations for her first-time camper realistic: "to have fun doing some new activities, make some friends and enjoy the Colorado summer." What she didn't expect was for him to like—or even participate in—the mountain biking portion of the week."
Highlands Ranch, CO
"As parents of younger children entering camps for the first time this summer, we picked a few camps to try different experiences. Avid for Adventure has by far been the BEST. This is what all camps should strive to be. From day one when we dropped off our children, they set themselves apart by having the instructors welcome us and discussing with us how the week would be and addressing any of our questions. They ensured that our children were comfortable with their new group and quickly started chatting them up and playing games. Throughout the week we got pictures and updates on how our kids were doing. Our children absolutely loved it and have ranked this their favorite camp. Thank you Avid for all you did! This will absolutely rank as one of their favorite camps this summer."
"Kayaking on the lake was one thing, but faced with Clear Creek, Harper expressed concern. Was it dangerous? What if he flipped? He went into his day cautiously and, with a hug from mom, entrusted himself to his Avid4 instructors. After some discussion with the team, and leaning on the Challenge by Choice teaching model, Harper decided to kayak down all three river drops and come out TRIUMPHANT! It's beyond words to express the joy of seeing someone grow larger than their fears. We appreciate the Avid4 team so much. See you next summer!"
"The Sunday before camp my son Enzo and I talked through all the things he would be doing at camp. He told me that he doesn’t like hiking, so I felt a bit anxious as we started camp. When I picked Enzo up from camp after the first day he was so excited to tell me that he loves hiking. All throughout that week, he asked me when he and I could go on our own hike. I’m so happy to share my love of hiking with my son and couldn’t be happier that we found Avid4 Adventure to help introduce him to and explore new activities outdoors. "
Palo Alto
"For the last 6 months, we have been helping our 5-year-old to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. He had been very comfortable on a balance bike before, but once there were pedals on the bike, he lost his confidence. Each time we took him out, he would get discouraged and want to stop. By the end of the [the first] day, he was biking by himself. Two days later he ended up teaching some of his classmates how to bike. He was so proud of being able to do this. We are really grateful to Avid4 for giving him the confidence to bike on his own."
Mill Valley
"I loved hearing the girls say "I made a new friend today." And I loved picking them up at the end of the day and seeing them completely engaged with other kids. I think the camaraderie comes from having shared experiences, a shared sense of adventure, and I love that."
"Reagan is a child who would shy away from exercise type active as it “will make me sweat” (oh boy??) But this whole week she came home and was so excited to climb a mountain and how “it was hard and my legs are sore but I loved it”, how she could carry a canoe and kayak with friends and paddle all while having fun being active. She had a bright smile each day and asked: “can I go back next year!” Thank you for a great week! I’m sure will see you next year!"