Virtual Adventure Club 1st - 5th Grade

Avid4 Virtual Adventure Club is a 5-week digitally-interactive adventure camp experience that meets one day per week bringing the Avid4 experience directly to your home. Conducted entirely through Zoom video chat, a live Avid4 instructor will lead the group (up to 17 kids) through a variety of activities including yoga classes, outdoor skills instruction, and camp games tailored for an online experience.  Your instructor will also facilitate some pre-recorded activities from our best and most experienced instructors from all over the country.

Virtual Adventure Club Details

  • Grade: 1st – 5th
  • Program Length
    • One day per week for 5-weeks
    • Choose your day Monday thru Friday
    • Choose from two sessions: September 14 – October 16 or October 19 – November 20.
  • Program Times:
    • 1:00 – 3:30 PM Pacific Time
    • 2:30 – 5:00 PM Pacific Time


CAMP PRICING Price Per Session
Camp Price $175




Entering 1st - 5th


1:00 PM - 3:30 PM PT
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM PT


You'll recieve a link after registration.


Grades Dates
Tuesday - Session 2 1st - 5th 10/20/20 - 11/17/20 Register Now
Wednesday - Session 2 1st - 5th 10/21/20 - 11/18/20 Register Now
Thursday - Session 2 1st - 5th 10/22/20 - 11/19/20 Register Now

Sample Adventures

Yoga with Ryne

Knots with Jake

Chalk Art with Michael

They’ll practice an awesome beginner set of Yoga moves with our very own Ryne Willis. Crow Pose, Warrior I, Downward Dog. Get ready to channel the inner Yogi for this engaging lesson.

Kids will love learning real skills like tying knots for the outdoors!

Kids get to experience arts & crafts projects that focus on the great outdoors!

Sample Schedule

Online Camp takes place during Pacific Time (PT).

1:00 PM
Welcome Circle
1:10 PM
Set Daily Theme
1:20 PM
Yoga Activity
1:50 PM
2:00 PM
Nature Activity
2:20 PM
2:30 PM
Music or Art Activity
2:50 PM
3:00 PM
Outdoor Activity
3:20 PM
Closing Circle

Want Updates On Our Programs?

Adventure Club is even more fun with friends and family!

With the virtual format, your child can experience the connection and fun with their friends, cousins, siblings, etc regardless of where they live. What a great way to stay connected with other kids who live across the country or across town.

Materials for Camp

We offer three club types for our Virtual Adventure Clubs. Checkout your session page for a list of materials.



While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.