Trading Post FAQs

What is the Camp Store/Trading Post?

Avid4 Adventure Overnight Camps operate a small camp store/trading post both online for purchases before the start of camp (and delivered at camp) and onsite for parents, campers, and staff. The trading post allow campers the opportunity to purchase items they may have forgotten (toothbrush, stamps, etc) or a chance to pick up some new gear (hat, backpack, apparel, water bottle, etc). You can also make online camp store purchases here.

When is the Trading Post Open?

The best and most effective way to purchase items is online ahead of the start of camp. In addition, the Trading Post will be open on Sunday during Registration Day and Saturday mornings during Parent’s Day for parents and families to purchase items. The Trading Post will NO LONGER BE OPEN during the camp week.

What is offered in the Trading Post?

The Trading Post offers branded shirts, hats, backpacks, sweatshirts, winter hats, hammocks, and other high quality and useful items for camp. Items range from $10 for things like a water bottle to $50 for more premium items, such as a hydration backpack or premium hooded sweatshirt.

Will fulfillment of items purchased online be completed at the start of camp or delivered by mail?

Items purchased online will be delivered to camps and distributed during a child’s session.