Coronavirus Precautions & Policies


The physical and emotional health of our campers and our staff is our number priority, and we are committed to limiting exposure to Covid-19 at all of our camp locations. The situation continues to be dynamic and emerging. We will continue to follow the advice of expert medical sources and adjust our policies accordingly.

In addition to physical and emotional health and safety, we know that you are thinking about your family’s financial security. We will continue to provide you with flexible policies and transparent, clear, and early communications.


NEW MASK POLICY FOR COLORADO and OREGON CAMPS (effective June 27, 2021 for Colorado and July 15, 2021 for Oregon):

  • Masks are optional for all campers and staff when outdoors. (Masks are also optional for parents when dropping off and picking up).
  • Masks are required to be worn indoors, including during transportation.

At this time, our mask policy for CALIFORNIA camps has not changed; that policy is: All campers and staff will wear masks at camp when grouped closely together and not active. Campers and fully vaccinated staff do NOT need to wear masks when participating in an Avid4 activity (e.g. climbing, biking, paddling), eating/drinking, or sleeping. Unvaccinated staff must wear masks at all times while working.

Covid-19 Physical and Emotional Safety:

Success in 2020.  Between 60-70% of camps in the US did not operate in 2020. We did. In fact, we were able to get a lot of kids to camp. In 2020, Avid4 Adventure had about 9,000 registrations and we ran day and overnight camps across 3 different states, and over 15 different counties. We had ZERO campers contract Covid-19.

Continued Leadership in 2021.  Through communication and collaboration with county health departments, state licensing offices, and other summer camps, Avid4 Adventure will again be thought and action leaders around Covid-19 risk management at camp.

Current Covid-19 Policies.  To minimize exposure to Covid-19, our policies are layered and multi-faceted. Over 90% of our staff have been vaccinated.  We will remain vigilant around Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs), including health checks (before and during camp), face coverings when needed, physical distancing, small “bubbled” cohorts, and enhanced hygiene and cleaning procedures.

For a detailed list of policies and procedures, click here to see our current Avid4 Adventure Covid-19 Opening Plan