Skateboarding Camp Wash Park - 3rd to 7th - Day Camp

Campers learn to shred from skate park to street in our weeklong Skateboarding Day Camp. Spending every day at one of Colorado’s impressive, inspiring skate parks, 3rd – 7th graders master the maneuvers of skating and build a strong foundation of technical skills and confidence for wherever their boards take them next.

Campers are grouped by skill level as they hone their skateboarding technique, develop a better understanding of their equipment, practice new tricks and learn the ins and outs skateboarding etiquette, culture and terminology. Guided by our experienced staff, these young skaters learn what it takes to ride at the park.

Skateboarding Day Camp campers should have some skateboarding knowledge and comfort on their boards, but be excited to deepen their skills.


Camp Pricing Single 2-Fer 3-Peat 4-Pack
Number of Camps 1 2 3 4
Price Per Camp $484 $459 $451 $434
YOU SAVE! - $50 $100 $200

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Early Drop Off $25
After Care $75
Lunch Option $25


Technical Skills

Skate Park Skating

Places We Go: Local skate parks in Aurora, Stapleton, Denver and surrounding areas

Campers will master the ability to skate safely in a range of environments and build their trick repertoires with grinds, ollies and flip tricks, practicing what they learn on sidewalks, in lots, through obstacle courses, and at skate parks.

Places We Go: Local skate parks in Aurora, Stapleton, Denver and surrounding areas

During the week, campers will visit one of several local skate parks every day. They will practice on each park’s individual features and learning the etiquette and terminology they need to ride alongside their fellow skaters.

Meet Your Camp Director

Zach Hykan

I love to work with kids because they bring such high energy and passion for learning new activities and skills. It’s inspiring for me to see kids leap headfirst into a new thing, even when it’s hard or scary. When a kid is truly and fully absorbed with something it’s unlike anything else. To be able to take what I love in the world and try to present it in a way where it gets kids equally excited is one of the great joys of choosing to work with children. My favorite outdoor adventures are climbing, skiing, mountain and road biking, and hiking. A few of my big adventures have been climbing South Six Shooter in Moab, Skiing in Japan, and mountain biking in redwood forests. I’m also hoping to climb every 14er in Colorado before I turn 30. I love working for Avid4 Adventure because I get to see children develop a love for the same outdoor activities that I do. I also get to see my friends and coworkers have a blast hanging out with kids and helping them get stoked about nature.

Why Sign Up For Multiple Weeks?

Do you remember that old TV show Blue’s Clues? It was the most successful kids’ show of all time. Do you remember that book that your child insisted on reading over and over again? How could you forget it? Why was Blues Clue’s so successful and why did your child NEED to re-read that book? Because repetition promotes learning, growth, and empowerment.

Based on our experience (and a bunch of brain science), we know that multiple weeks of Avid camp will benefit your child – it will result in greater skill development, increased self-confidence, higher levels of risk assessment/environmental awareness, and an improved ability to connect socially with others.


While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.