Expedition Multi-Sport Colorado - 9th to 12th - Expedition Camp

Designed for campers of all experience and ability levels, our eleven-day multi-sport expedition lets kids explore local landscapes while taking on a range of adventure sports and a five-day backpacking trip, all while camping under the stars each night.

After setting up a campsite that will serve as their home base for the several days, campers (no more than 13 to a group with 2 staff members) discover what the “multi” in our multi-sport program really means. Namely, embarking on a different adventure every day –  standup paddleboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, white water rafting – all the while building technical skills and fostering a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. Campers will also embark on a five-day backpacking trip will they will get to see what the backcountry of Colorado has to offer. 

From cooking their own meals on camp stoves to sleeping in tents, and negotiating tough terrain, expedition campers learn to meet countless challenges with intelligence and poise. It’s a confidence-building, life-changing experience that gives them the skills and independence they need for a lifetime of adventure.

Difficulty Rating: 3 – Mid Level Adventure: For the camper seeking out a longer multi-sport experience that also may contain additional curriculum focuses for personal development.

Wilderness Rating: 3 – Hybrid Camping: Backcountry Wilderness while backpacking and Improved Site Camping for the remainder of their trip. Campers sleep in tents throughout the duration of their trip. Campers should expect to hit the full range of amenities during their trip. From pit toilets without flushing ability, to backcountry Leave No Trace Principles for human waste disposal, campers will be in a variety of environments. There will be no access to showers. Water will be filtered from water sources while backpacking and brought in while in other camp locations.

* Departure and pick up are in Louisville, CO.


Camp Length 11 Days
Price $2,999
Total Camp Hours 264

Add-Ons Price
DEN Airport Camp Shuttle $40 one-way
$80 round-trip



Entering 9th-12th (up to age 17)


11-Day Session
Sunday Check-In:
10:00 AM
Wednesday Check-Out: 3:30 PM


Drop-Off/Pick-Up: 1501 Empire Rd, Louisville, CO

Camp Location: Durango, CO

Financial Assistance

Scholarship Information


Location Grades Dates
Expedition Multi-Sport 9th-12th Durango #COEX061823-11DEX Colorado Expedition 9th - 12th 06/18/23 - 06/28/23 Register Now

The Week's Adventures

White Water Rafting


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Mountain Biking


Expedition Skills


During their day of white water rafting, campers will practice paddling through rapids, staying safe on the water and working together with their fellow rafters to navigate their vessel.

Our hikes get campers out onto the trails and into the varied landscape of the region, teaching them about flora, fauna and the principles of Leave No Trace as they explore and gain respect for the natural world.

Campers will build core strength and good balance atop paddleboards as they play fun games, work on team building, learn proper paddle strokes, practice rescue techniques and maneuver their boards through area lakes.

Whether they’re first-time bikers or regular riders, we get campers familiar with mountain biking technique, safety and equipment on mountain bike trails in the area. Campers may be divided into smaller groups based on biking ability.

Campers will learn to maintain a campsite, setting up and breaking down their equipment, keeping their space tidy and cooking their own meals in the backcountry which fosters independence and valuable skills they will use throughout their lives. They’ll play games during downtime and swap stories around the campfire, building deep, lasting friendships with their fellow expedition-mates.

As they explore and adventure, campers will practice important interpersonal skills like communication, problem solving, and teamwork. They’ll gain experience leading as they guide the rest of their group on a hike, and may spend some time alone reflecting during a brief, structured “solo” experience (varies based on the trip). They will also gain valuable skills using a map and compass. Coupled with their other adventures, these experiences push their comfort zones, build their confidence and give them a sense of independence that lasts well beyond the camp week.

Throughout the week, campers will practice important interpersonal skills like communication, problem solving and teamwork. Through games during downtime, stories around the campfire and time alone reflecting, they’ll build confidence and comfort within the group and as an individual.

Sample Schedule

Every camper’s schedule is a little different. However, to get an idea of a typical day, here’s our rough schedule:

7 AM
Rise and shine!
7:15 AM
Morning Circle
7:30 AM
8:30 AM
Self & Group Care
9 AM
Adventure #1
1 PM
Adventure #2 (or continuation of #1)
5 PM
Hang Out & Bond
5:45 PM
Evening Circle
6 PM
7 PM
Evening Activity
9 PM
Tent Time / Bedtime

Expedition Pre-Camp Guide

Already registered? All the information you need about your expedition multi-sport adventure – where to go, what to bring, camp photo links – is waiting for you in our Pre-Camp Guide.

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While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.