Expedition Paddlesports Sly Park - 5th to 6th - Expedition

Dive into adventure with expedition paddling, a weeklong camp for 5th – 6th graders ready to take their paddling skills to the next level.* Campers will spend the week alongside the American River, a three-forked waterway in the scenic Sierra Foothills that offers some of the best rafting in the state. They’ll spend every day on the water, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and whitewater rafting, and every night on dry land, camping under the stars.

Supported by two experienced Avid4 Adventure staffers and professional guides from American Whitewater Expeditions, the team of 13 campers will explore the American, honing their paddling skills as they raft and kayak the river’s rapids. They’ll also venture to nearby lakes to perfect their still-water skills in kayaks and on stand up paddleboards. When they’re not paddling, campers will turn their attention to the art of camping, learning to cook, clean and sleep comfortably in the great outdoors. 

After a week soaking up new skills, forging friendships and deepening their appreciation of the natural world, expedition campers will come away with fresh reserves of confidence, energized for their next adventure.

* While beginning paddlers are welcome, participants should have some previous experience paddling in standing or moving water, be comfortable being fully submerged in water for short periods of time and feel excited to spend five full days on watercraft.

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The Week's Adventures


Stand Up Paddleboarding

White Water Rafting



The American River’s peaceful reservoirs provide the perfect spot to practice flat-water kayaking skills, including bracing, rolling and self-rescue techniques. Campers will also hone their whitewater skills—river reading, hydrology, rapids scouting and more—on the river’s South Fork.

Campers will take a day trip to Sly Park Recreation Area’s Jenkinson Lake for stand up paddleboarding practice and fun. They’ll learn basic strokes, perfect their paddling posture and challenge their skills with games.

With experienced American Whitewater Expeditions guides leading the way, campers will bookend their week with two classic American River rafting trips, starting with a relaxing introduction to the river and culminating with the biggest Class 3 rapid on the South Fork.

Campers will have plenty of downtime for playing games, sharing stories around the campfire and reflecting on their own, practicing important interpersonal skills like problem solving and teamwork, plus building independence and self-reliance.

Throughout the week, campers will call a campsite at the American River Resort home. They’ll learn to pitch tents, store their supplies and keep the site running smoothly, plus take turns planning and cooking meals on camping stoves for the rest of the group.

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