Skills Camp Oakland - 2nd to 4th - Day Camp

At our Skills Day Camp, 2nd – 4th graders venture out to nearby parks, trails, and beaches for authentic outdoor adventures. Spots your family can return to for years to come! Whatever their age or ability levels, campers have an exciting new experience every day—mountain biking, trail hiking, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and outdoor education—each designed to teach new skills and boost their confidence outdoors. 

Our experienced instructors use time-tested techniques to support campers at every ability level, building their confidence, increasing their technical competence and teaching them the lifelong skills of assessing risk and exercising sound judgment.

Led by the best outdoor instructors around, campers develop a deeper understanding of the natural world, and build a foundation of outdoor skills they can use throughout their lives.

There is a shuttle to/from Berkeley available. Details can be found here.


Camp Pricing Single 2-Fer 3-Peat 4-Pack
Number of Camps 1 2 3 4
Price Per Camp $574 $549 $541 $524
YOU SAVE! - $50 $100 $200

* Why your kid should do multiple weeks of Avid.

* Why we charge what we do.

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* Multi-week discount applies to individual camper only.

Early Drop Off $30
After Care $85
Lunch Option $25
Berkely - Oakland Shuttle $35

Mountain Biking


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Outdoor IQ


Places We Go: Anthony Chabot Regional Park

We get campers of all experience levels riding confidently on two wheels, teaching them about biking technique, safety, equipment and maintenance on some of the most beautiful trails. Campers can bring their own bikes or borrow one of any size from our fleet.

Places We Go: Sibley Regional Park

We take campers out to beautiful local trails teaching them about flora and fauna and the principles of Leave No Trace as they expand their understanding of the natural world.

Places We Go: Encinal Beach

Campers play games and take on fun challenges as they learn the basics of stand up paddleboarding, building strength and skill as they paddle in local bodies of water.

Places We Go: Joaquin Miller Park

Campers spend a day off site bolstering their outdoor know-how—learning fundamentals of orienteering, outdoor cooking, basic first aid, and outdoor living. Campers are empowered to take charge, appreciate the value of teamwork, and build strong foundations for future adventures.

Places We Go: MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline

Our kayaking program helps campers grow incrementally more comfortable on the water as they get familiar with their environment and equipment. They learn about water safety, tides and paddling techniques, practicing their new skills in bodies of water nearby. 

Sample Schedule

We've put together a pretty awesome day camp schedule for your kids! Here's a sample:

Mountain Biking
Outdoor IQ


Al Wright

Al Wright grew up in Southwestern Michigan along the shores of the greatest Great Lake, and attended college nearby at Kalamazoo College where she studied English.  During the academic year, they work for an Outdoor Education company that facilitates field trips all around California, and spend as much time as they can exploring the desert spaces of Southern California.  A lifelong runner and bicyclist, Al competes in triathlons when they can, but has more recently come to appreciate competition-less sports like mountain biking and rock climbing.

Why Sign Up For Multiple Weeks?

Do you remember that old TV show Blues Clues? It was the most successful kids’ show of all time. Do you remember that book that your child insisted on reading over and over again? How could you forget it? Why was Blues Clues so successful and why did your child NEED to re-read that book? Because repetition promotes learning, growth, and empowerment.

Based on our experience (and a bunch of brain science), we know that multiple weeks of Avid camp will benefit your child – it will result in greater skill development, increased self-confidence, higher levels of risk assessment/environmental awareness, and an improved ability to connect socially with others.


While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.