Teen Expeditions

There is nothing like a multi-day expedition for forming deeper interpersonal bonds, challenging personal limits, building confidence and strengthening communication skills. Our Teen Expedition School Program does just that. Typically 4-day expeditions, we lead outdoor adventures crafted specifically for 9th-12th grade groups. Our professional staff is trained to lead your group in mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, white water rafting, hiking, and other expedition activities. Even more, we handle all logistics—gear, meals, transportation, camping accommodations—so that your group can focus on the important goal of living character-shaping experiences.

The Avid4 Adventure Staff

The Avid4 Adventure staff is simply the best around, each an awe-inspiring mix of experienced adventurer, talented teacher and nurturing mentor. They’re also insanely qualified, with certifications in (at minimum) Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR, Red Cross Small Craft Safety Certified for Kayak and Canoe Instruction and defensive driving. Beyond that, they’re all over 21, thoroughly background checked and extensively trained.