On Campus School Programs


Our 1-day on-campus school program brings outdoor adventures to your school to enhance students’ confidence, develop their communication skills, and achieve your school’s educational objectives. Avid4 Adventure uses four portable “outdoor education stations” which include elements such as a 25′ high mobile climbing wall, a 30′ portable pool for kayaking or canoeing, mountain bikes and a portable mountain bike skills course, and an outdoor Leave No Trace classroom. Students will rotate through stations spending half their time in an outdoor activity and the other half in our “educational ground school” covering grade specific curriculum. This program exposes large numbers of kids to the benefits of active outdoor pursuits while complementing your school’s academic program. The Avid4 Adventure ground school curriculum is specifically designed to correspond to K-5 grade level state standards. We cover topics such as simple machines through bike gears and gear ratios, discuss the water cycle during paddle sports, and teach the history behind most of our sports—such as how kayaking originated with Native Americans in Alaska. Apart from academic content, the personal and interpersonal skills that our outdoor program brings out in students create great opportunity for discussion back in the classroom.

Our Objectives

  • Deliver a curriculum that addresses state science, literacy, geography and physical education standards in a fashion that saves class time and fits well into school scheduling parameters.
  • Deliver an experience consistent with the individual goals of each school.
  • Challenge students to deepen their communication and cooperation skills and build cohesiveness within their group.
  • Facilitate activities that bolster judgment, independence and confidence.
  • Help students build respect and appreciation for the natural world.
  • Introduce thrilling, fulfilling outdoor sports like kayaking, climbing, biking and canoeing.
  • Launch kids into a lifetime of empowering outdoor adventure.

The Avid4 Adventure Staff

The Avid4 Adventure staff is simply the best around, each an awe-inspiring mix of experienced adventurer, talented teacher and nurturing mentor. They’re also insanely qualified, with certifications in (at minimum) Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR, Red Cross Small Craft Safety Certified for Kayak and Canoe Instruction and defensive driving. Beyond that, they’re all 21 and older, thoroughly background checked and extensively trained before the season starts. We maintain a staff-to-student ratio of 1:10 for our on-campus adventures. During your school’s program, our staff will work alongside your school’s faculty members to ensure your day is a success.

Program Logistics

We plan activities for each program in advance, in consultation with school faculty and administration. In the event of certain weather conditions or other unforeseeable events, we may need to modify our plan to meet the same agreed-upon curriculum objectives in a different way. In either case, all activities are designed to accommodate students of of every ability level, from absolute beginners to advanced athletes. Avid4 Adventure will provide all necessary equipment, materials, instruction and safety management for your program. While we do everything in our power to keep kids safe, all outdoor recreation activities involve some level of risk. We will share the details of the program beforehand with students and their parents, who will review and sign a Risks & Release Form to allow their children to participate. Once the program is underway, we’ll give students both overall and activity-specific safety orientations to help them understand the risks they’re taking on and how to manage them safely. Learn more about our team’s safety certifications and how we handle risk in our Risk Management Plan.

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule All program elements take place during the school day, so parents can drop off and pick up at school at the regular times. Here’s a SAMPLE schedule for our program (times for your school will correspond with your school’s schedule):

 1-Day Program
Introductions & teambuilding game in small groups
9:00-10:00 Sport & Ground School 1
10:00-10:15 Snack
10:15-11:15 Sport & Ground School 2
11:15-12:00 Lunch
12:15-1:00 Sport & Ground School 3
1:00-2:00 Sport & Ground School4
2:00-2:30 All groups: Leave No Trace Activity
AFTER SCHOOL Parents invited to participate with students on elements