Eat, adventure, repeat Food at Avid4 Adventure Resident Camps

Food at Avid4 Adventure Resident Camps

Kids need good fuel for every adventure that we have at camp! At Avid4 Adventure Resident Camps, we believe that eating well is an essential part of a fulfilling camp experience and that’s why our food is healthy, hearty and totally delicious.

We serve three square, kid-friendly meals in our dining hall every day of the summer and have plenty of healthy snacks on hand for extra energy between meals, ensuring that kids have all the energy they need to take on the next adventure. We also accommodate every dietary restriction.

Meals at Resident Camps are about more than just filling up – they’re a time for the entire camp to come together to celebrate the latest adventure, share stories, and enjoy our time-honored mealtime traditions. From themed meals like Caveman Lunch, Mystery Dinner, and more, to cookouts where campers prepare and enjoy their meals in the outdoors, our mealtimes are part of our program and keep the fun going!

Food on Site

When on site, campers eat meals prepared from scratch by professional chefs in our state-of-the-art kitchens. There’s always something for even the pickiest eaters and plenty for extra helpings – no one leaves the dining hall hungry! From pancakes with hot cinnamon apples to flatbread pizza to slow-roasted pork loin, our mouthwatering meals are something campers look forward to and can’t stop talking about.

Food Off-Site

When enjoying off-site adventures or backpacking trips, campers get the opportunity to enjoy meals in the outdoors! The menus for these meals are less diverse than in the dining hall, as food needs to be non-perishable, easy to carry, and energy-rich. We accommodate campers dietary restrictions on backpacking trips and have a place in our registration form to detail these types of restrictions. Often, campers will have the opportunity to help plan, prep and pack for these off-site meals and try their hands at some backcountry cooking.

Sample Menus

In addition to the delectable meals below, here is another Sample Menu. We also accommodate most dietary restrictions. Simply have your doctor fill out the medical forms we require as part of registration. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Breakfast:  Buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit topped with hot syrup

Lunch: Flat bread pizza with assorted toppings.  Caesar salad with cheddar croutons, salad bar.

Dinner: Meatloaf with pork and beef.  Garlic & fresh cream whipped potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls with honey butter, salad bar.   

Breakfast: Grilled ham, hash browns, scrambled eggs, & fresh fruit salad. 

Lunch: Sundried tomato pesto melts with grilled ham, lettuce, tomatoes, & American cheese. Tomato soup. Salad bar.

Dinner: King ranch chicken rollups with a cheesy southwest topping, savory corn kernels with mixed green peppers. Jalapeno corn bread muffins. Salad bar. 

Breakfast:  Eggs Benedict with english muffin, canadian bacon, & hollandaise sauce. 

Lunch:  Red bean chili dogs with assorted toppings, oven roasted potatoes, potato gnocchi soup. 

Dinner: Slow braised inside round with a demi glace, twice baked herb and cheddar potatoes, California blended vegetables, fresh baked french bread. Salad bar. 

Breakfast:  Strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast with a hot maple syrup.

Lunch:  Philly beef steak sandwiches with sautéed peppers, caramelized onions, & melted swiss cheese between hoagie buns. Chips and fresh french onion dip. Salad Bar. 

Dinner: Bourbon street chicken with a bourbon whisky glaze, cajun dirty rice, fresh steamed broccoli, homemade Texas dinner biscuits, salad bar. 

Breakfast:  Breakfast Tacos with pork sausage, scrambled eggs, salsa & cheese. 

Lunch:  Cheesy chicken casserole with elbow macaroni and sweet peas and carrots, with white cheddar cheese sauce. Fresh baked rolls, salad bar.

Dinner: Hand patty burgers with fresh guacamole and corn chips, hickory baked beans with sweet molasses, and fresh pasta salad.