OVERNIGHT CAMPS Resident & Expeditions

At Avid4 Adventure’s Overnight Camps, campers experience the transformative power of adventure in sports like biking, rock climbing, hiking and paddling, igniting a lifelong passion for being active outdoors. With the support of our experienced instructors, campers build confidence, practice good judgment and learn to intelligently assess risks as they take on new challenges.

Overnight Camp experiences come in two flavors:

Resident Camps
At our resident camps, campers spend between four days and two weeks living in cabins at Mt. Evans (1st – 5th grade campers) or Windy Peak (6th – 11th graders), setting off on single-day adventures and overnight trips from there.

Expedition Programs
Our expedition programs for 5th – 12th graders give campers one full week of backpacking through the backcountry, adventuring every day and sleeping in tents every night.

Whether on site or out in the wild, campers have an unforgettable experience at Overnight Camp, one that imparts lasting skills and confidence they can use throughout their lives.


Top-Notch Staff

Our lead instructors are an exceptional, experienced bunch, boasting a range of certifications (CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Defensive Van Driving and Red Cross Small Craft Safety at minimum) and a passion for inspiring kids and teens to thrive outdoors.

Challenge By Choice

Our goal is to empower all campers—from first-timers to experienced athletes—to try something new. While we teach the skills they need to face each fresh challenge, they ultimately decide what to take on, building confidence with every boundary they push.

Inclusive Environment

Our camps teach kids to assess their environment and approach risks intelligently, building a foundation of confident, sound judgment they can use in the outdoors—and throughout their lives.


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Resident Camp – Windy Peak, CO

Grades: 6th - 8th

Throughout their two-week session, campers try outdoor activities includes archery, whitewater rafting, and tree climbing. Rounding out the experience are games, traditions and bonding that leave campers with lifelong memories and character-shaping confidence.



Becoming A Leader

“My time as a Leader-in-Training forced me to take initiative be a leader for myself and the kids I was fortunate enough to work with. There is a level that you reach where you feel comfortable in the outdoors… comfortable enough to know what gear you need to be safe, to know the correct procedures to follow when you’re in the backcountry, and to find it within yourself to persevere and push forward. There is nothing that will force you to address those qualities within yourself more than having to work with children and instill those same qualities within them.” – Sophie Kelley, Leader-In-Training

Building Everlasting Confidence

“On the three-night expedition, Xander worried about crossing a log bridge while carrying a really heavy backpack. From the pictures, the pack looked about as big as he was. He was afraid because the log crossed a fast-moving stream and he had never carried a fully loaded expedition backpack before. His instructors and another camper encouraged him saying, ‘Go, Xander, you can do this!’ After watching a few other campers cross, he took the first step and then just kept going. He felt so happy when he reached the other side.  He says it made him more confident to face the next challenge, whether at camp or in life!”

Coming to Camp Without A Friend

“When our daughter experienced her first overnight camp with Avid4 Adventure, she tried to recruit a friend to go with her and could not find one that was available. Our daughter decided to go for it. She is SO happy that she did. She absolutely loved the entire experience. She came home with many new friends. She said that her counselors were amazing at dealing with homesickness and rotating campers around so that they could make friends with everyone.  We actually noticed on pickup day that she was greeting everyone that we walked by where previously she would’ve been too shy to initiate the greeting.  She cannot wait to return and has mentioned numerous time that she wishes she was still there.”