Host an Information Session

Your House, Our Info

Information sessions hosted at a parent’s home (or “house parties,” as we like to call them), are some of our favorite events. They’re an easy, relaxed way for you and your friends to learn more about Colorado Mountain Camp and for us to meet potential camp parents—and they’re a lot of fun. Here’s what you need to know about hosting one.

What is a house party?

It’s a casual, 1.5 hour long event at your place for you and some friends to learn about our camps. One of our CMC directors will arrive with drinks, snacks and a fun setup, ready to give a short presentation and answer your questions

What are my responsibilities as host?

Besides offering up your house for an hour or so, your hosting duties are pretty minimal:

  1. Pick a day and time for the event. We can offer some recommendations of what’s worked well in the past, but really, whenever’s convenient for you and your friends is a good time for us.
  2. Send an invitation to your guests (see tips on who to invite below). We like electronic ones for easy RSVP tracking and are happy to help with the wording, if you like.
  3. Let everyone in at the designated time. We’ll do the rest!

Who should I invite?

We suggest inviting friends, colleagues or other parents from your kids’ school who have CMC-aged kids (entering 1st – 11th grades) and might be looking for summer camp options. We don’t require a minimum number of attendees, but 7 – 15 parents is ideal.

We find that house parties work best when parents attend without their kids, as it helps keep distractions to a minimum. That said, it’s absolutely no problem if you’d like to include kids—if so, we do recommend inviting a babysitter.

Does it really have to be at my house?

We find it works best that way, yes! But if it looks like your guest list is getting too big, we can help you find a larger space for hosting.

How do I get the ball rolling?

Great! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to talk next steps.