Journey Into the Outdoors

7th-8th Grade Overnight Camp

Once campers reach middle school, they’re ready for bigger challenges. Ready for a four day expedition that tests their problem-solving skills and adventuring savvy. Ready to build solid technical know-how in sports ranging from rock climbing and mountain biking to canoeing and kayaking—whether they’re total beginners or seasoned experts. In short, they’re ready for Colorado Mountain Camp’s 7th – 8th grade program.

Throughout their two-week session, campers also try a host of exciting outdoor activities that includes archery, whitewater rafting, tree climbing and fly fishing in addition to taking part in a camp betterment project—an exercise in leaving their environment better than they found it. Rounding out the experience is plenty of time for games, traditions and bonding that only happens at overnight camp, leaving campers with lifelong memories and character-shaping confidence.

Camp Details


Entering 7th - 8th


Two-week session, Sunday - Saturday. Pick-up/drop-off times will be posted in the spring in the Pre-Camp guide.


JUNE: 17-30
JULY: 1-14, 15-28

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Camp shuttle to-from Denver International Airport $40 one-way
$80 round-trip

Sibling discount: $100 off per sibling per session


Two Weeks of Adventure


Mountain Biking

Rock Climbing

Canoeing, Kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboarding



Fly Fishing

White Water Rafting

Tree Climbing

Low Ropes



Whatever their level of experience, we get campers comfortable riding on Buffalo Creek’s world-class mountain biking trail system, taking on increasingly technical trails as their proficiency increases. They learn more in-depth bike maintenance skills, and try riding on and jumping off rocks.

At Wellington Lake’s nearby awe-inspiring peak, campers of all skill levels master techniques for conquering a variety of climbs. They learn how to set anchors for a top-rope climb, tie knots, use climbing commands, belay each other and make sure their whole group practices sound judgment. More experienced climbers take on advanced bouldering challenges and try their hands at leading the team.

Out on the water at Nelson Pond (on site) and Wellington Lake (off site), campers hone their paddling skills, learning new strokes, attempting rescues and taking on all kinds of fun challenges—obstacle courses, races, running across boat bows—as they get comfortable on the water.

As a culminating adventure, campers strike out into the wilderness of Steamboat Springs for an unforgettable four-day expedition. Along the way, weather permitting, they hike between 20 and 30 miles, attempt to summit a high peak, whip up delicious meals on a backcountry stove, and receive a nationally recognized training in Leave No Trace principles. Campers work intensively on their team collaboration and also experience a “solo,” a time alone in the woods to reflect on their personal development. They emerge from this journey with lasting expedition knowledge and confidence they can use on future adventures.

Campers let the arrows fly on our on-site archery range, building strength and sportsmanship skills as they learn about archery technique, equipment, safety and range commands.

Campers take an adventure on site to brush up on some ecology basics and learn the fly fishing fundamentals—how to choose flies, cast, reel in fish, remove hooks—before spending a few blissful hours fishing in our trout-stocked pond.

We work with Colorado licensed rafting companies to take kids out for a half-day of rafting. They learn to paddle through small rapids, stay safe on the water and work as a team to navigate their raft.

Using their rock climbing skills and plenty of safety equipment, campers climb 40 to 60 feet up Windy Peak’s giant ponderosas and do like the monkeys do—swing through the treetops and jump from branch to branch.

Out on our on-site low ropes course, campers take on fun teambuilding challenges—walking across suspended logs, crossing a “river” without falling in, getting the whole team from one side of a “spider’s web” to the other without touching it—designed to build team camaraderie and develop conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

Meet Your Camp Director

Heather Cardneau

Growing up at summer camp transformed my life. I have a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Leadership, and Management from Northern Michigan University, and I have worked for the past four years as the Director of SpringHill’s Overnight Camp Teen Program. My desire is to provide quality outdoor experiences that will transform campers’ lives. I believe that the outdoors provides an excellent platform for learning, growing, and seeing what you are made of. Outdoor adventure is much more than the trails, rocks, or water. When you unplug from the barrage of media constantly telling you who to be, and you begin to master skills that the outdoors can teach, I believe you’ll become stronger, more confident, and embrace your true self. Camp provides an escape and a chance to slow down and reflect on who you want to become. In my past 10 years of working with teenagers, I have discovered that everyone deeply desires to be known, know others, and a place to belong. Colorado Mountain Camp can be that place. Can’t wait to see you there!


“This was the first sleep away camp and backpacking experience for my daughter. The counselors were incredibly welcoming and reassuring. Over the two weeks she not only learned the challenging outdoor skills but also, and more importantly, the soft skills of leadership, collaboration and communication. She made incredible bonds with her counselor and made new friends. She loved the thrill and adventure of the backpack; especially being in new situations and learning new skills. The camp pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped develop her self confidence..”
-Shelby, parent of 7th – 8th grade camper


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While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.