Welcome to Windy Peak Overnight Camp for 7th - 10th Graders

A Rocky Mountain Retreat for 7th – 10th Graders

Colorado Mountain Camp’s 7th – 10th grade program is located at Windy Peak, a gorgeous private camp in the Rocky Mountains near Bailey, Colorado. Originally built as a summer camp site, then converted into a school, Windy Peak has the feel of a quintessential sleep-away camp, outfitted with all the amenities and safety standards of a modern school facility. And with over 200 private acres surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest, the scope for adventure is (almost) endless.

Learn more about the facilities and recreation areas at Windy Peak below, and visit our FAQs for answers to your other questions.

Windy Peak

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Wellington Lake The Peak at Wellington Lake Buffalo Creek Nelson Pond Low Ropes Course Trails Recreation Area Archery Range




Wellington Lake

Just a mile down the road from Windy Peak sits Wellington Lake, a 167-acre body of water in the shadow of an impressive rock formation known as The Castle. This gorgeous alpine lake has plenty of still, easy spots for campers to practice paddling, along with more challenging sections to try when they’re ready.

The Peak at Wellington Lake

This pristine peak near Wellington Lake is ours alone while camp is in session. Castle Mountain Recreation gives us private access to this top-notch climbing site, an ideal spot to get kids comfortable climbing on an authentic, uncrowded crag.

Buffalo Creek

Campers put their mountain biking skills to the test on Buffalo Creek’s world-class trail system. Home of the Bailey HUNDO and a popular spot for pros to train, Buffalo Creek boasts a huge variety of terrain—single track, double track, downhills, sand pits and creeks—giving campers an unequaled opportunity to practice technical biking.

Nelson Pond

On site at Windy Peak and easy to navigate, Nelson Pond is a perfect place to teach campers the basics of kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. It’s also where campers come to go logrolling, practice fly-fishing or participate in an early-morning polar plunge.

Low Ropes Course

Located in the woods at Windy Peak, our low ropes challenge course gives campers plenty of opportunities for fun and fulfilling team building. Our well-maintained and carefully safety-checked course includes elements like a Mohawk Walk and Whale Watch.


Windy Peak is covered in miles of trails, ideal for hiking, biking and learning. Campers can investigate plant life on the lush Forestry and Ecology Trails, learn the history of the area along the rocky crags and old mining sites of the Geology Trail or practice beginning bike skills on the Planetary or Freeman Trails—and that’s just what’s on site.

Recreation Area

Designed as a low-key place to gather after full days of adventuring, our recreation area gets campers of all ages together for all kinds of activities—basketball, gaga pit, soccer, kickball, Frisbee, 9 Square in the Air, slack lining, dance parties—and provides a perfect spot to spend some unstructured downtime.

Archery Range

Our archery range is located on site at Windy Peak and offers a safe, spacious place for target practice with bows and arrows.