Welcome to Mt. Evans Overnight Camp for 1st - 6th Graders

The Perfect Place for 1st-6th Graders to Experience Overnight Camp

Located on over 500 acres of private property outside of Evergreen, Colorado, Mt. Evans is the stunning site of Colorado Mountain Camp’s 1st – 6th grade program. With climbing crags, mountain biking trails and a pond for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and more, Mt. Evans is an ideal spot for younger campers to build confidence as they immerse themselves in outdoor adventure. It’s also equipped with comfortable amenities that make it a cozy home away from home.

Learn more about the facilities and recreation areas at Mt. Evans below, and visit our FAQs for answers to your other questions.

Mt Evans

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Climbing Sites Jackson Pond Trails Recreation Area Archery & Slingshot Range Overnight Camp Site




Climbing Sites

With multiple peaks on site overlooking Mt. Evans Valley, we have top-notch climbing spots for adventurers of every level, ideal for getting campers comfortable on authentic, uncrowded crags.

Jackson Pond

On site and easy to navigate, Jackson Pond is a perfect place to teach younger campers the basics of kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddleboarding, and to let 4th – 6th graders practice fly-fishing from our designated fly-fishing dock.<,/p>


Mt. Evans is covered in miles of trails, ideal for hiking, biking and learning. Campers can investigate plant life on the lush Forestry and Ecology Trails, learn the history of the area along the rocky crags and old mining sites of the Geology Trail or practice beginning bike skills on the Low Ropes Trail—and that’s just what’s on site.

Recreation Area

Designed as a low-key place to gather after full days of adventuring, our recreation area gets campers of all ages together for activities like volleyball, gaga pit, soccer, kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, 9 Square in the Air, slacklining, dance parties and more. It’s the perfect spot to spend some unstructured downtime.

Archery & Slingshot Range

Our archery and slingshot range is located on site, offering a safe, spacious place for target practice. Younger campers hone their hand-eye coordination with slingshots, while those in 4th – 6th grades hit the mark with bows and arrows.

Overnight Camp Site

Our youngest campers trek to one of several on-site campgrounds for their one-night expedition. While the sites aren’t far from our main facilities, they all have a remote, backcountry feel for an authentic campout experience.