Expedition Mountain Biking Biking in the Backcountry

5th – 6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Camp

Our weeklong biking expedition camp is designed for entering 5th – 6th graders who are excited to shred on backcountry trails. Participants must have some. Participants must have some experience mountain biking on moderately technical single-track trails.* This program will support campers to continue building a solid foundation of riding, technical skills, and knowledge of bike maintenance.  A four-day journey into the Rocky Mountain town of Crested Butte and Gunnison, expedition mountain biking will transform young mountain bikers into self-assured, self-reliant trail shredders.

Campers spend their first and last night camping on site at Mt. Evans. The first full day is spent preparing for their journey, getting to know their fellow travelers as they learn tips for packing, planning and navigating on their trip. They’ll also get familiar with their biking equipment, making sure all the gear they need for their trail-riding adventures is present and ready for action.

After four days of base-camping outside Gunnison, exploring, cooking, and honing their cycling skills on a variety of riding trails in Crested Butte and Gunnison, plus an afternoon of mini golf, climbing, and trampolines at Crested Butte Adventure Park, campers will return to Mt. Evans for our closing ceremony to wrap up the week and celebrate their success.  We highly encourage campers to bring their personal mountain bike from home to increase their comfort level on the trails, otherwise we offer a limited number of Specialized Fuse and Rip Rock bikes for rent for $50. If you do bring your personal bike, make sure it is fully tuned by a bike mechanic and fitted to the rider. 

*Moderately technical single-track trails include the following terrain: hill climbs and
descents, rocks, roots, loose gravel/sand, and switchbacks. Previous experience is needed as days will be skill intensive and physically exerting.

Camp Details


Entering 5th - 6th


One-week session, Sunday - Saturday. Pick-up/drop-off times will be posted in the spring in the Pre-Camp guide.


JUNE: 17-23, 24-30
JULY: 1-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29-AUG. 4
AUGUST: 5-11

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Price/Week July 4th Week
Camp Price $1,245 $1,145
Specialized Fuse Bike Rental $50  
Backpack/Sleeping bag & pad rental $20/$20  
Camp shuttle to-from Denver International Airport $40 one-way
$80 round-trip
Saturday stay-over if doing two consecutive one-week sessions $125 Dates: June 23, July 7, July 21, August 4


Grades Dates
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 1 5th - 6th 06/17/18 - 06/23/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 2 5th - 6th 06/24/18 - 06/30/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 3 5th - 6th 07/01/18 - 07/07/18 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 4 5th - 6th 07/08/18 - 07/14/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 5 5th - 6th 07/15/18 - 07/21/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 6 5th - 6th 07/22/18 - 07/28/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 7 5th - 6th 07/29/18 - 08/04/18 Join Waitlist
5th-6th Grade Expedition Mountain Biking Session 8 5th - 6th 08/05/18 - 08/11/18 Register Now
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The Week’s Adventures


Environmental Awareness

Gear Management

Backcountry Cooking

Expedition Skills

Mountain Biking

Throughout their week in the Rocky Mountain outdoors, campers get in touch with their natural surroundings, learning the basics of wilderness first aid, weather forecasting and navigation. They’ll also practice Leave No Trace principles as they camp and bike with their environment in mind, making sure to choose their campsites, dispose of waste and ride every trail responsibly.

Campers will learn how to plan, pack, setup and break down the supplies they need for any outdoor expedition. From the super-compact camping gear they’ll carry for cooking, cleaning and sleeping to the biking equipment that facilitates their backcountry adventures, they’ll master the skills of maintaining their gear, making sure it works efficiently and effectively every time.

We’ll teach campers to cook in the great outdoors, a range of skills that includes planning expedition menus, ensuring a large enough calorie count to fuel the entire group, safely lighting a camp stove and, of course, cooking delicious meals outside for a hungry band of bicyclists.

Beyond biking, campers will have opportunities to exercise their leadership skills by guiding their team on a group hike, and time to reflect on their experience by exploring on their own. Throughout the week, they’ll practice valuable communication, problem solving and teamwork skills, giving them a sense of self-assuredness and independence that lasts long after the expedition ends.

During their expedition, campers will have ample opportunities to mountain bike in authentic, awe-inspiring settings in Crested Butte, learning new techniques, honing their skills, practicing proper trail etiquette and building their confidence with each day’s adventure.

Meet Your Camp Director

Eric Rightor

I have dedicated my personal and professional life to the outdoors and I am sold on its power as a both a playground and a classroom.  I am thrilled to be part of the team here at Avid4 and provide your child with an incredible experience here at Mt. Evans.  For the past 10 years, I have been designing and leading overnight camp programs for kids, including at Camp Coniston, North Woods Camp for Boys, Pleasant Valley Camp for Girls, and lastly as the Executive Director at Camp Bauercrest.  I have seen first-hand the power of the outdoors to teach, test, and transform kids into their best selves – confident, independent, and part of something greater than they imagined.  While the activities are undeniably fun and the Mt. Evans location is gorgeous, the magic of camp is between these lines where friendships are formed, role models are made, accomplishments are celebrated, challenge is embraced, and moments last for a lifetime.  I believe so strongly in our community here at Colorado Mountain Camp and can’t wait for you and your child to experience CMC for yourselves.  I look forward to seeing you at Mt. Evans this summer!


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While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.