We're Not Your Typical Overnight Camp

The Colorado Mountain Camp Difference

Much more than just s’mores around the campfire or even building skills in the adventure sports we teach, the Colorado Mountain Camp difference is about the lasting impact that comes when all kids—whatever their ability or confidence level—learn to face new challenges, push beyond their comfort zones and make sound, independent decisions. We support that deeper learning through our expert staff and extensive experience in adventure education. Read more below about what makes us different.

Our Staff

Overnight camp counselors

Colorado Mountain Camp instructors are dedicated educators and outdoor enthusiasts. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree and all have certifications in CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Red Cross Small Craft Safety, and defensive driving at a minimum (most of them have more!). As a result, our staff is older and more mature than those at a typical camp. They possess broad experience, impeccable credentials, solid judgment and most importantly, a deep-rooted passion for teaching kids to love the outdoors. Meet them here.

Our confidence-building approach

Before jumping into any adventure, we gauge campers’ comfort and ability, often forming smaller groups designed just for their level. Whether they’re newbies or experts in any given sport, we support campers with a challenge by choice approach: they’re encouraged to try something new, but how far they venture outside their comfort zones is entirely up to them.

“On the car ride home today we asked Zach what he learned about himself this week at camp. He said that he learned that even when he was nervous he should try new things because he might like it. Wow, what a life lesson! Horseback riding was definitely one of those activities for him, but he eventually made the decision to try it. Now, when you ask him what his favorite activity at camp was he will say whitewater rafting AND horseback riding. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t so much the actual horseback riding as the fact that he conquered a fear that made this activity special for him. Thank you for helping Zach build self awareness and confidence.”
– CMC parent

We make every kid feel at home

CMC is a safe, supportive place where everyone can feel at home. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment where campers of every race, culture, religion, gender identity, orientation and ability are welcomed and accepted. Even if your child is simply feeling nervous about a first experience outdoors or being away from home, we’re here to address your questions and support your kids. Please see our FAQs for more detail or contact our team to have a conversation.

We empower campers to push their limits

“Wow. My first year at Avid4 Adventure was incredible. From camping in the sand dunes to being able to watch hysterical skits, my time at Avid was unforgettable. When it was my birthday, the celebration was incredible. This camp changed my life. It showed me how to try new things and push me into my stretch zone. My group, Expedition Backpacking, was the best group ever. We hiked 17 miles in the sand dunes, but the icing on the cake was when my counselor picked me to win the Live Gratitude pin. I can’t wait till next year!”
– 11 year old Lizzie Bendixen