The adventures continue in Portland!

Portland Oregon Summer Camps

We are excited for our 2nd summer in Portland sharing the power of outdoor adventure! Our Portland Oregon summer camps take K – 7th graders of all ability levels out to the city’s most spectacular outdoor settings, helping them master a wide range of adventure sports in local spots they can keep coming back to for years to come.

Camp Locations

June 15th – August 7th: Catlin Gabel School, 8825 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225

Week of August 10th – 14th: TBD


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Explorer Camp - Portland

Grades: K - 1st

Kids start exploring local Portland area recreation spots while building confidence in different adventure sports daily--biking, kayaking, hiking, and stand up paddleboarding.


Mountain Biking Camp - Portland

Grades: 2nd - 7th

Grouped by grade range, kids visit Portland's beautiful trails to learn technical skills for riding ascending, descending, and winding trails, hills, proper fit of biking gear, commands, and trail etiquette.


Adventure Camp - Portland

Grades: 2nd - 7th

2nd - 7th graders travel to local recreation spots in the Portland area to develop skills in mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and stand up paddleboarding.



"As parents of younger children entering camps for the first time this summer, we picked a few camps to try different experiences. Avid for Adventure has by far been the BEST. This is what all camps should strive to be. From day one when we dropped off our children, they set themselves apart by having the instructors welcome us and discussing with us how the week would be and addressing any of our questions. They ensured that our children were comfortable with their new group and quickly started chatting them up and playing games. Throughout the week we got pictures and updates on how our kids were doing. Our children absolutely loved it and have ranked this their favorite camp. Thank you Avid for all you did! This will absolutely rank as one of their favorite camps this summer."
"The Sunday before camp my son Enzo and I talked through all the things he would be doing at camp. He told me that he doesn’t like hiking, so I felt a bit anxious as we started camp. When I picked Enzo up from camp after the first day he was so excited to tell me that he loves hiking. All throughout that week, he asked me when he and I could go on our own hike. I’m so happy to share my love of hiking with my son and couldn’t be happier that we found Avid4 Adventure to help introduce him to and explore new activities outdoors. "
Palo Alto
"My daughter is usually complaining about having to go outside to play. She is a natural homebody and will argue that being inside is always better. Normally getting her to even leave the house is an argument, let alone getting her places in a timely manner. But this week at bike camp, she was ready to go every day, on time! She was always excited to be at camp, interacting with her instructor, Emily, and was sitting in the car waiting for me to drive her to camp at the right time. It was like having a whole new kid. Her bike skills progressed, her confidence in being outside improved, and she seemed genuinely happy to be out riding her bike or playing games every single day. Thank you, A4A, for introducing the outside to my indoor kiddo!"
Lafayette, CO
"Avid 4 Adventure is something that Braidon loves, looks forward to and if he had the opportunity, he would go all summer long. I love that the camp teaches children about the outdoors and being active. We will continue coming back to camp for years to come."
Colorado Springs
"For the last 6 months, we have been helping our 5-year-old to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. He had been very comfortable on a balance bike before, but once there were pedals on the bike, he lost his confidence. Each time we took him out, he would get discouraged and want to stop. By the end of the [the first] day, he was biking by himself. Two days later he ended up teaching some of his classmates how to bike. He was so proud of being able to do this. We are really grateful to Avid4 for giving him the confidence to bike on his own."
Mill Valley