Marin Summer Adventure Camps Empowering Outdoor Adventures by Avid4 Adventure

How We Make Bold Adventurers

Incredible Staff
Our instructors are educators and adventurers with impressive credentials—but what you’ll love most is how they connect with your kids, inspiring them to explore, grow and thrive outdoors. “The counselors are older and have so many skills, like safety and first aid training. The difference from other camps is significant.” – Amanda Prentiss, camper parent

Authentic Experiences
There’s no substitute for the real thing. We transport kids to nearby crags, trails and bodies of water to adventure in authentic settings and discover local recreation areas they (and you) can keep coming back to.

Positive Risks
Our camps teach kids to assess their environment and approach risks intelligently, building a foundation of confident, sound judgment they can use in the outdoors—and throughout their lives.


"For the last 6 months, we have been helping our 5-year-old to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. He had been very comfortable on a balance bike before, but once there were pedals on the bike, he lost his confidence. Each time we took him out, he would get discouraged and want to stop. By the end of the [the first] day, he was biking by himself. Two days later he ended up teaching some of his classmates how to bike. He was so proud of being able to do this. We are really grateful to Avid4 for giving him the confidence to bike on his own."
Mill Valley
"I loved hearing the girls say "I made a new friend today." And I loved picking them up at the end of the day and seeing them completely engaged with other kids. I think the camaraderie comes from having shared experiences, a shared sense of adventure, and I love that."
"The Sunday before camp my son Enzo and I talked through all the things he would be doing at camp. He told me that he doesn’t like hiking, so I felt a bit anxious as we started camp. When I picked Enzo up from camp after the first day he was so excited to tell me that he loves hiking. All throughout that week, he asked me when he and I could go on our own hike. I’m so happy to share my love of hiking with my son and couldn’t be happier that we found Avid4 Adventure to help introduce him to and explore new activities outdoors. "
Palo Alto
"My son is 9 years old and has never wanted to learn to ride a bicycle even though he has owned one and it was left to rust. His fear of falling down has been a deterrent. When the bike riding day arrived, he was nervous. However, I discussed with him that the Avid staff would work with him to help gain his confidence to learn how to ride. After camp that day, he came home and was SO excited that by the end of the day, he was actually riding a bike, making turns and even shifting gears! Thank you, Avid Adventures, as my son now says “bike riding is fun and I want to get a new bike so I can start riding.”"