There’s a reason Avid4 Adventure was voted one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work. When you work at Avid4 Adventure, your office is the outdoors. Atop mountains, in rivers and on trails, alongside colleagues that share your passions, your to-do list consists of teaching curious kids how to paddle, climb, hike, bike and thrive in the outdoors.

Settling into a canoe rather than an office chair, gathering around a campfire instead of the watercooler—this isn’t your typical day (or overnight) job. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. Read what our staff have to say in our staff culture book.


I never went to camp as a kid so I'll admit I was a bit intimidated to start . . . I learned so much about myself and I can honestly say I am well on my way to being the person I have always wanted to be.
—Kris Maher, Denver Camp Instructor

Do What You Love

Join a Killer Community

Get Great Perks

We Have the Position That's Right for You



As a member of the Avid4Adventure staff, you’ll spend your days doing the outdoor activities you love—climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking—all while inspiring a new generation of intrepid adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts. It’s crazy fun, blissfully tiring, and endlessly rewarding—no wonder our staffers tell us it’s the best job they’ve ever had.

Joining our staff means joining a community of insatiable outdoor adventurers. All year long, our team’s communication channels are buzzing with plans and invitations for climbing expeditions, camping trips, day hikes, bike races, happy hours and all kinds of other cool stuff—all from like-minded outdoors addicts, ready for their next adventure.

We want our staff members to be able to live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle they teach. That’s why we offer competitive pay, which increases as you spend more time with us and earn more certifications, and a whole batch of awesome perks designed to support staying active all year long (more on those below).

Whatever kind of job you’re looking for—day camp, residential camp,focused on one sport exclusively or a new one every day—we have just the thing. Check out our full range of day camp, overnight camp, school program and event positions below.

We Have the Position That's Right for You

Whatever kind of job you’re looking for—day camp, residential camp, event work, focused on one sport exclusively or a new one every day—we have just the thing. Check out our range of positions below.

Day Camps


Work from June through August at our weekly summer day camps, empowering pre-K – 7th graders as they learn a range of outdoor adventure sports.


Overnight Camp


Spend your summer at sleep-away camp, taking 2nd – 12th graders on incredible outdoor adventures in and around our Rocky Mountains site in Bailey, Colorado.




Work periodic weekends at local events, helping kids learn to climb, paddle and pedal using our mobile climbing wall, kayak tank and mountain bike course.




Join our amazing team who work behind the scenes to make Avid4 Adventure’s summer programs the top outdoor adventure programming for youth.


The Perks of Being an Avid4 Adventure Staff Member

Serious discounts on gear through our pro deal program and 25% off camp for kids of Avid4 camp staff. See our FAQs for details. 

Reimbursements up to $100 per year for certifications related to biking, climbing, paddling and Leave No Trace (returning staff only)

Reimbursements up to $50 per year for any race, event or fundraiser involving our core sports

Subsidized staff get-togethers and reimbursements for work-related public transportation expenses

The chance to win a flight to anywhere in the world United flies, with a $500 travel stipend for a dream adventure

LIVE Community! Volunteer your time or donate money to a non-profit aligned with our mission and we will donate additional money in your name.


Live Fun

We believe that being outdoors creates joy. We support kids, their families and our peers to adventure exuberantly out in the world.

Live Environmentally Connected

We create environmental stewards. We walk our talk by minimizing the environmental impact of our programs, teaching Leave No Trace principles and environmental consciousness.

Live Truth

First we listen. We notice other people’s uniqueness, goodness and successes and speak of them. We express gratitude. We have meaningful conversations.

Live Smart(er)

We are committed to training and development. We track and advance campers’ skills and support our staff to develop technical outdoor and business expertise.

Live Gratitude

In times of success and through times of challenge, we remain grateful.  We say “Thank you!” for things both large & small. We try to value all areas of our lives and bring a sense of gratitude to all aspects of work and play.

Live Empowered

First we ask, “What would you do?” We are confidence builders. We trust others to make good decisions, give them opportunities to lead and encourage positive risk taking.

Live Balanced

We bridge the passion we have for work with the passion we have for the outdoors, community, family and ourselves, deliberately allocating meaningful time for each.

Live Community

We create connections. We work, play and volunteer together, inspiring growth through shared adventure.