A Day in the Life

Picture Your Perfect Summer

Inspiring kids and teens to become lifelong outdoor adventurers is some of the most meaningful, exciting, exhausting, rewarding work there is. And there’s no better place to do it than Avid4 Adventure. From our day camps and weekend events in Colorado and California to our overnight camps in Colorado, you’ll gain invaluable experience, build incredible community and change lots of lives.

That’s the big picture. But what exactly would your day-to-day life be like if you spent the summer working with us? Take a look below to find out.

Choose Your Adventure

Day Camps

Teach pre-K – 7th graders a range of adventure sports

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Overnight Camps

Live at our residential camp and teach 1st – 11th graders incredible outdoor adventures.

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Work at Colorado or California events helping kids learn to climb, paddle and pedal.

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What our Staff have to Say

  • “At the end of the day when it’s all said and done, everyone is there for to serve the kids. It doesn’t matter what position you are your end goal will always be making kids smile and giving them the best summer experience possible.”

  • “I like how Avid4 builds a community within each camp and geographic area. The emphasis on work/life balance means that staff are empowered to work hard at camp and then go play with their friends (fellow staffers) afterward. From equipment sharing to happy hour to Director of Fun activities, Avid4 supports the best kind of relationship building, which fosters the love of outdoor education and adventure that staff come in with – it is nurtured rather than exploited, and that makes Avid a truly wonderful place to work!”

  • “I got to instill in kids something that I had to discover on my own at a much later age. I get to pass on my passion for the outdoors to youth at such an early stage in their life, which is an extremely exciting aspect of working for Avid4 Adventure. Also the skills clinics we’re a sweet opportunity for me to develop my skills.”

  • “I absolutely love that Avid4 Adventure has core values that the company actually tries to uphold throughout the year. They aren’t just written down, but you really live them throughout the summer.”

  • “I really appreciated getting paid extra for camp because of my certifications. That made it feel that Avid4 valued me. I also appreciated getting to borrow gear for weekend use, I definitely took advantage of that. Also the reward of seeing kids ride bikes for the first time. I never got tired of seeing parents freak out over their kids pedaling a bike!”

  • “The best aspect of working for Avid4 Adventure was the community and family I developed within Avid. It was difficult moving to an area where I did not know anyone, but Avid quickly helped me feel comfortable and at home with new friends.”