CALIFORNIA EXPEDITIONS Registration Opens November 2019

Who is Avid4 Adventure?

We’re a summer camp company with one mission: get kids active outdoors. We offer educational programs focused on learning adventure sports with skilled instructors and top notch gear all while experience the outdoors. We already have more than 20 camps in California, Colorado, and Oregon. Now we’re ready to bring expedition camps to California!

Expert Staff
Our instructors are educators and adventurers with impressive credentials—but what you’ll love most is how they connect with your kids, inspiring them to explore, grow and thrive outdoors. “The counselors are older and have so many skills, like safety and first aid training. The difference from other camps is significant.” – Camp Parent

Skill Building
Day camp is for kids of all backgrounds and skill levels. We’ll teach your kiddos the skills they need to lead on the trail and to lead in life. We transport kids to nearby crags, trails and water to adventure in authentic settings and discover local recreation areas you can all keep coming back to.

Pro Gear
We only use professional quality gear that we use ourselves. There is nothing worse than starting your day on a worn down piece of gear that may break anywhere along the way. We want the focus to be on learning, being outside, and having fun. Not fixing worn out equipment.

"One of the most incredible things about kids is their hardwired willingness to try new things. But as they approach their teens, that enviable disposition starts to diminish, worn away by feelings of self-consciousness or self-doubt. Avid4 Adventure awakens that innate try-new-things mentality, creating an environment that makes it comfortable and fun for kids of all ages—even tweens—to try something new."
Highlands Ranch, CO
"The photos on our website of kids engaging in incredible adventures might cause families to think Avid4 Adventure is only for super-athletic kids. The truth is, many of the kids that attend our camps every year start out very tentative about participating in those adventures. That was certainly the case for Madison, who, before camp, was too intimidated even to join the kids in her neighborhood on their bikes."
Golden, CO
"Last summer, Meredith Smith signed her 5-year-old son Graham up for Avid4 Adventure's multi-sport Explorer Camp in Highlands Ranch on a recommendation from a friend. She kept expectations for her first-time camper realistic: "to have fun doing some new activities, make some friends and enjoy the Colorado summer." What she didn't expect was for him to like—or even participate in—the mountain biking portion of the week."
Highlands Ranch, CO