Rocky Mountain Adventure
5th – 6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Camp

5th – 6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Camp

Built for 5th – 6th graders looking for an authentic backcountry experience, our weeklong camp in Rocky Mountain National Park is ideal for beginning backpackers and expedition enthusiasts alike. Located outside Estes Park in northern Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park spans the Continental Divide and boasts soaring mountains, stunning lakes and over 350 miles of adventure-ready trails.

In a tight-knit group of 10 campers and two skilled, supportive instructors, expedition backpackers will spend up to six hours hiking each day, exploring the park’s spectacular terrain carrying their gear in backpacks. Throughout the week, they’ll make camp in picturesque places, pitching tents, cooking meals and sharing stories around the campfire. They’ll learn to adapt to a range of weather conditions and environments, using backpacking best practices, honing their interpersonal skills and developing a profound appreciation for the natural world.

Away from the comforts of home, this camp fortifies kids with self-reliance, imparting the skills and confidence they need to fuel many future journeys—and even lead your family’s next outdoor adventure.


Nov 1 - Nov 30
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Dec 1 - Jan 25
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Backpack $20
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Entering 5th-6th


One-week session, Sunday - Saturday. Pick-up/drop-off times are available in the Pre-Camp Guide


JUNE: 16-22, 23-29, 30-JUL 6
JULY: 7-13, 14-20, 21-27, 28-AUG. 3
AUGUST: 4-10


Grades Dates
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 1 5th - 6th 06/16/19 - 06/22/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 2 5th - 6th 06/23/19 - 06/29/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 3 5th - 6th 06/30/19 - 07/06/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 4 5th - 6th 07/07/19 - 07/13/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 5 5th - 6th 07/14/19 - 07/20/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 6 5th - 6th 07/21/19 - 07/27/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 7 5th - 6th 07/28/19 - 08/03/19 Register Now
5th-6th Grade Expedition Backpacking Session 8 5th - 6th 08/04/19 - 08/10/19 Register Now
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The Week's Adventures

Gear Management

Backcountry Cooking

Expedition Skills

Campers will get familiar with the equipment they need for backpacking—from compact cooking, cleaning and sleeping gear to camping basics like bear canisters and water treatment systems—learning how to set it all up, break it all down and pack it efficiently. They’ll spend each day’s hike with their gear on their backs, experiencing the empowerment that comes with carrying everything they need for the week on their own.

Camping in the woods means cooking and eating in the woods, and campers learn everything that entails, from menu execution to food storage to safely filling and lighting a camp stove. Backpackers will take turns cooking and cleaning up energy-packed meals for the group.

As they explore and adventure, campers will practice important interpersonal skills like communication, problem solving and teamwork. They’ll gain experience leading as they guide the rest of their group on a hike, and spend some time alone reflecting during a structured “solo” experience in the woods. Coupled with their other adventures, these experiences push their limits, build their confidence and give them a sense of independence that lasts well beyond the camp week.

Sample Schedule

Every camper’s schedule is a little different. However, to get an idea of a typical day, here’s our rough schedule:

7 AM
Rise and shine!
7:15 AM
Morning Circle
7:30 AM
8:15 AM
Self & Group Care
9 AM
Adventure #1
12:45 PM
Siesta! & Relax
1:30 PM
Adventure #2 (or continuation of #1)
4:30 PM
Daily Debrief
5 PM
Hang Out & Bond
5:45 PM
Evening Circle
6:00 PM
6:45 PM
"Free Choice"
7:45 PM
Evening Activity & Campfire Chats
9:00 PM
Tent Time / Bedtime

Expedition Pre-Camp Guide

Already registered? All the information you need about your expedition backpacking adventure – where to go, what to bring, camp photo links – is waiting for you in our Pre-Camp Guide.

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While no outdoor adventure is totally risk-free, we work hard to keep your kids safe. Every activity starts with a discussion about the risks involved -- what they are, how to prevent them, how to respond if something goes wrong -- so kids learn how to approach challenges with intelligence and skill.