California Overnight Expeditions Overnight Camp For 5th-9th Graders

How We Make Bold Adventurers

Incredible Staff
Our instructors are educators and adventurers with impressive credentials—but what you’ll love most is how they connect with your kids, inspiring them to explore, grow and thrive outdoors. “All of the staff work so hard. Their positive energy is amazing. It makes campers and parents so happy and feeling secure. It’s the best camp to let our children join.”  —Parent

Authentic Experiences
There’s no substitute for the real thing. We transport expedition campers to stunning California recreation areas where they’ll sleep in tents every night and adventure every day. They’ll explore nearby crags, trails and bodies of water to adventure in authentic settings and discover local recreation areas they (and you) can keep coming back to.

Positive Risks
Choosing to focus on a paddling or multi-sport experience and led by their experienced instructors, they’ll practice exciting adventure sports and explore their natural surroundings gaining skills in outdoor cooking, teamwork and more.


My camper ADORED her two leaders, Austin and Sara. They were positive, instructive and most of all, fun. She enjoyed the other campers, learning to rock climb and the overall experience. Austin and Sara made the week unforgettable.
—Justine W. (Parent)
Attending the multi-sport this year, our child cannot decide which camp she wants to attend next year! She loved rock climbing and mountain biking. She absolutely loved that she went out of state for camp!! There was a level of independence that she has never felt before. When coming home, she stated that this camp was "soooo much better" than a camp that she attended at the beginning of the summer. Everyone was included. They worked as a team. We loved seeing her happiness and smile when she returned but she definitely wanted to stay longer!!
—Kentrena B.
We have nothing but praise for Avid after picking up our son yesterday. There was a noticeable change in his demeanor. He is more confident and has adopted a great work ethic that we've never seen in him before. We are definitely harnessing this and trying to work with him to continue these behaviors at home. While camp was challenging for him socially and physically, it made a huge impact on him. He is remembering it all (including the challenges) very fondly. He is already asking to go back next year!
—Janine F.
Norah has a tendency to avoid hard or challenging things. She’s a very gifted learner and has never struggled academically and she’s a natural at the two instruments she’s picked up. Finding hard things enjoyable is tough for her but she’s a tough girl and this trip helped her see that she can push her body and her mind to far places!
—Jodi C.